Gray windows: a trend that never goes out of fashion

Windows have long played a key role in architecture, both functionally and aesthetically. They are not only a source of natural light, but also influence the external appearance of buildings. In recent years, there has been an increase in the popularity of windows with unusual colors, including gray.

Gray windows, although they may seem an unusual choice, are becoming an increasingly desirable element of contemporary architecture.

  1. From white to gray
  2. Back to minimalism
  3. Elegance and versatility

From white to gray

Architecture, like other areas of design, is subject to constant change and evolution. As technology advances and aesthetic preferences change, building design patterns also change. Traditionally dominant white windows are gradually giving way to more innovative solutions. There was a fashion for brown, anthracite and black windows, but the trend for gray windows has lasted the longest, which is certainly supported by the neutrality of this color.

Back to minimalism

In recent years, we have seen a return to minimalism in architecture. Designers try to limit the number of colors and patterns used, focusing on simplicity and functionality. In this context, gray windows become an excellent choice for people looking for modern but subdued solutions.

Elegance and versatility

One of the main advantages of gray windows is their elegance and versatility. Gray is a neutral color that goes perfectly with various architectural styles and facade colors. Whether it’s a modern apartment building or a traditional farmhouse, gray windows can add an impressive character. Gray looks great on any material – aluminum, PVC and wooden windows look good in gray tones.

MS more than WINDOWS offers a huge selection of veneers in shades of gray.

Among the entire color range, gray comes in over 20 variants, including: LightGrey , mattGrey clean COOL , Signalgrau Satin – which look great on MSline and MSline+ windows, and Gray Smooth or Moondance Smooth – dedicated to FORMA windows.

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