How do windows help in the fight against smog?

Reports on air quality in Poland leave no illusions – smog is currently one of the most serious environmental problems. Choosing the right windows will help us defeat the opponent.

The window joinery is effective in the fight against smog

Zanieczyszczone powietrze to problem dotykający nas wszystkich. I to nie tylko w największych miastach, ale również w niewielkich miasteczkach i na kameralnych osiedlach domów jednorodzinnych. Wystarczy, że kilka osób z sąsiedztwa nie przestrzega zakazu palenia śmieci, by szkodliwe cząsteczki unosiły się w powietrzu i szkodziły. A konsekwencje zdrowotne mogą być poważne! Lista chorób, które może wywołać wdychanie szkodliwych substancji zawartych w smogu jest długa. Choć wydawałoby się, że okna i drzwi ze smogiem niewiele mają wspólnego, stolarka okienna może być całkiem skutecznym narzędziem w walce z nim.

Use trickle vents with filters

The airtight partitions prevent harmful substances from getting inside. This is why you should avoid ventilating your home on days with high levels of PM10 and PM2.5 outside. It is also worth investing in trickle vents and cooperating with them filters with inserts that trap dust particles, plant spores, mites and fungi. There are many products on the market that are compatible with standard window joinery.

Hygro-controlled and acoustic trickle vents – find out more.

Pay attention to the heat transfer coefficient

In the long-term perspective, windows with a high level of thermal insulation allow for a significant reduction in energy needs, and thus minimizing the emission of harmful substances from domestic stoves. Therefore, for the sake of the environment, it is worth choosing windows with the lowest possible heat transfer coefficient Uw. We should also pay attention to the appropriate glazed units that can maximize the energy gain from solar radiation. It is important that g, that is the total solar heat gain factor, was greater than 50%. The heat in the houses will also be helped to stop by properly selected external window covers– roller shutters and facade blinds.

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