How to decorate a window sill?

Flowers, candles, vases, family heirlooms, or maybe… nothing? Arranging a window sill is not so easy. After all, it must harmonize with the whole decor. Some do it intuitively, treating it as an additional piece of furniture, others close this space with curtains, thus making a storage room for unwanted trinkets. How to decorate a window sill to make it interesting and consistent with the interior of our house? Here are some ideas.

Table of contents:

Window sill in the house vs. windowsill in the apartment

Depending on where we live, we can arrange additional space differently. At home, we have more freedom, because we do not fight for every space to develop it as efficiently as possible. In turn, in a small apartment, such a window sill can perform various functions. Starting from an additional kitchen worktop (if we have a window in the kitchen ), to an additional seat (with lowered window sills) or a table.


This is probably the most popular idea for arranging a window sill. Due to the large amount of natural light, such a space is ideal for growing potted plants. Depending on the side of the world and insolation, you can choose interesting and fashionable specimens that will make the room more attractive. Plants that like strong sun include: sedum, living stones and other plants that can store large amounts of water in their leaves and stems. In turn, ivy plants and ferns will feel great in the shade. A mixed position will be suitable for a fashionable old man and other succulent plants, such as hobbit (also called Shrek’s ears).

A place of memories

The windowsill is a great place to decorate, especially if there is a beautiful view outside the window. Then the uncovered window becomes a perfect area to place works of art such as sculptures or memories enclosed in photographs in decorative frames. On such windowsills, various types of candles or lamps blend beautifully, which, when lit, make the interior cozy. Unique candlesticks, e.g. from bottles of your favorite wine, or other DIY (do it yourself) things will also work as decorations.

Extra space

If we have limited space, a window sill is worth its weight in gold. If we are lucky enough to have a window in the kitchen, the window sill can be replaced with a worktop. This solution generates additional usable space and can significantly facilitate functioning. On the other hand, if we have little leisure space, we can resign from the classic window sill, lowering it, widening it and thus creating a place to sit or a building, e.g. for books, which will additionally be a table or desk.

It often happens that we do not know how to use and arrange a window sill. It is then most convenient to cover it with curtains, making a “storage room” for all kinds of things that we no longer want to see, and we do not have the heart to get rid of them permanently. Unfortunately, in the same way we limit the space and the amount of light that enters the interior. Not only is it really impractical, it’s also unfashionable. Current trends are towards opening up to what is outside the window. There is a tendency to give up interior curtains. However, if we care about intimacy, it is worth getting acquainted with the subject of roller blinds and external blinds . They will protect us not only from the curious glances of neighbors, but in the summer they will provide a pleasant shade. Such solutions are offered by MS more than WINDOWS.

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