Which window to choose for the kitchen? 5 ideas

A window in the kitchen is designed to fulfil several important functions. Light in the room and the possibility of ventilating the room are of great importance. The kitchen is one of the strategic places in the house, so when planning the construction, it is worth thinking carefully about the choice of joinery.

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Vertical window in the kitchen

A vertical window in the kitchen is installed above the worktop, which provides ideal light, or next to the sink. Admittedly, such a position of the window excludes the upper kitchen cabinets, however, it makes it possible to observe the surroundings while preparing meals and doing the dishes. Tilt and turn windows are most commonly used in kitchens, which is related to the possibility of free ventilation. However, if our kitchen worktops are quite wide, access to the handle can be difficult. If we want a window in the kitchen above the sink, we need to remember the right height between the worktop and the window. There are two options: a window above worktop level or exactly at worktop height. In the second case, it is advisable to install suitable retractable faucets, otherwise you may have problems opening the sashes. A kitchen with a sink under the window is a fairly common arrangement solution, incl. due to the very good lighting of the working space.

Vertical window in the kitchen.
In the kitchen we usually install a tilt and turn window, which is connected with the possibility of easy ventilation of the room.

Horizontal window in the kitchen

Horizontal windows with hinges mounted not on the side but at the bottom of the frame, can also be an alternative. The use of such a solution will allow us to easily fit the window under the upper cabinets and tilt it freely. It is therefore a good option for those who want plenty of storage space for crockery and utensils. A low window in the kitchen will not mean that you have to give up the upper part of the cabinets. It is worth considering the option with hidden hinges, which benefit the aesthetic value of the joinery and make it easier to clean, which in the case of kitchens seems to be a reasonable option. A kitchen window above the worktop provides a great source of natural light, which will come in handy when preparing meals.

Horizontal window in the kitchen.
Horizontal windows in the kitchen installed under the upper cabinets will help to illuminate the worktop brilliantly.

Corner window in the kitchen

The kitchen is a place where we spend a lot of time and we should see as much as possible of it. This is easiest to achieve when the room is located in a corner of the building. In this case, corner windows in the kitchen are the ideal solution. They can be made in two variants – with or without a mullion. Thanks to them, the interior becomes our vantage point from which we can easily observe the surroundings of the house. Current technological and thermal solutions mean that we do not have to worry about durability or excessive heat escape with this type of construction. A kitchen with a corner window is a popular solution due to the attractive design and the provision of plenty of natural light in the room.

Fix type kitchen window

If there is a lot of space in our kitchen, it is worth planning large glazings, such as fix windows (non-opening windows). The use of a larger glazed unit means even better lighting of the worktop or the interior. It should rightly be noted that this type of window solution is better to use if the kitchen is located on a relatively low ground floor. Otherwise, we may have a problem with cleaning the windows.

Terrace doors

As a rule, doors leading to the terrace are placed in the living room, but modern construction is increasingly opting to combine the kitchen with the terrace. Regardless of where you decide to install terrace door, it’s worth checking that it doesn’t restrict the space available inside. If so, instead of typical terrace door opening inwards or outwards, we can choose e.g. Patio HST lift and slide door or Patio PSK tilt and slide door. A large window in the kitchen connected with the living room allows to enjoy a beautiful view.

Terrace door in the living room connected to the kitchen.
Modern construction often involves combining the kitchen with the living room, where large glazings look very impressive.

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