How to remove protective tape from PVC windows?

The protective tape covers new windows that we install on construction sites. The purpose of the tape is to protect the window frames against dirt, scratching or other damage that may arise during the assembly of the joinery on the construction site. Why is it so important to remove the tape fairly quickly? And what to do when we forgot about it and removing the tape proves to be troublesome?

When to remove the protective tape?

The special tape that protects the PVC windows should be removed immediately after the installation of the joinery, or after completion of the masonry works. It is enough then to tick off the tip of the tape and pull with a little force, and the tape will easily peel off from the window frame. The protective tape that will stay longer on the mounted windows is exposed to weather conditions. In particular, the sun’s rays and we may have trouble peeling it off.

When is it worth replacing windows?

How to remove an old protective tape?

What if we didn’t peel off the tape in a timely manner, and now we’re in trouble? Certainly, do not use preparations with corrosive agents (bleaches) and scrubbing preparations. Do not use any wires, scratchers or strong dissolving products to remove old tapes. This causes scratches and damage to the frames. As well as there may be a matting or discoloration of the window frames. If it has already happened that we have a problem with removing the tape, it is better to try a less invasive method, e.g. using a steam device. Steam produced under pressure will dissolve the glue and make it easier for us to tear off the fragments of the tape. It’s quite a laborious job. The remnants of the glue can be washed off with a gentle household cleaning products.

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