The color of the façade and the color of the window joinery – how to choose?

Choosing the right color for the windows is crucial for the overall aesthetics of the building and its harmonious integration with the surroundings. Let’s take a look at some important aspects that are worth considering when designing and finishing your home. How to choose the color of windows for the facade?

Table of contents:

Contrast or unification

When we are wondering what color of windows to choose, it is worth paying attention to the color of the facade of the building we are planning to do. Next, we move on to choosing the color of the joinery. We can focus on a contrasting color of the windows, which will stand out against the background of the façade, or we can focus on a harmonious color match. If the façade is in light shades (e.g. cream or sand), white windows will look elegant and subtle. They will also give the effect of optical enlargement of the interior. On the other hand, in the case of facades in dark colors, such as anthracite or graphite, it is worth considering the use of windows with a similar tone. This will create the effect of a uniform and modern whole.

In turn, if we focus on elegance, it is worth considering black window veneer. It will give elegance and extravagance to the shape of the building, regardless of the color of the façade we choose.

Optimal selection

However, if it is difficult for us to decide whether we focus on contrast or uniformity, it is worth using the principle of tonal difference. What is it about? We choose window veneer two tones lighter or darker than the color of the planned façade. This will allow you to achieve a compromise between contrast and uniform colors, thanks to which we will keep all the rules of aesthetic finishing of the house.

Style matters

An important issue is also the architectural style of the building. If we are dealing with traditional buildings, for example in a rustic or classic style, it is worth using windows in the color of wood . Such a choice will fit into the character of the building and emphasize its charm. With modern architecture, you can try more avant-garde solutions, such as windows in anthracite, black or even white.

Some of the products available on the market enable two-color window wrapping. This means that the window can have an elegant, fashionable anthracite tone on the outside, while remaining white on the inside, providing a subtle contrast to the exterior of the building and harmonious harmony with the interior. This option of two-color window finishing gives greater flexibility in the selection of colors, allowing you to create a unique and personalized look both outside and inside the building. Such windows can be made in MS more than WINDOWS. The availability of colors is extremely rich, which makes it possible to fulfill the orders of even the most demanding customers.

Other design elements

Before making the final decision regarding the color of the windows, it is also worth considering other external elements, such as the roof, elements of the façade or the building’s surroundings. The color harmony between these elements will create a coherent and aesthetic appearance of the entire property.

It should also be remembered that the color of the windows affects the energy efficiency of the building. When choosing windows with a dark color on the outside, you should take into account the fact that they can absorb solar energy more, which can lead to greater heating of the interior on hot days.

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