PVC window adjustment – the most important rules

Everyday use, gravitational force and expansion and contraction of profiles due to temperature changes make it necessary to adjust the windows. This requires not only knowledge of the specific hardware system, but also the use of appropriate tools. We present the most important aspects of correct adjustment of PVC windows.

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Adjustment of modern PVC windows

Modern window hardware systems consist of many elements which have an impact both on the comfort of using the joinery and on the safety of its users. Repeated closing and opening, as well as sashes falling under the influence of gravity, make the components work together somewhat less well. This results in a reduction in the ease of use of the window. Problems with changing the position of the sash in relation to the frame are also due to the reaction of the profile material to temperature changes. During hot weather, PVC expands, which results in increased pressure of the sash against the frame and deterioration of ventilation. In winter, on the other hand, the material shrinks, which reduces the pressure and means that the window may become insufficiently airtight and allow too much cold air into the interior. The implementation of procedures that adapt the functioning of a window to weather conditions is usually referred to as winter window adjustment or winter/summer window adjustment. Signals that it may be necessary are mainly resistance to opening or closing the window that was not present before and leaks in the joinery. This includes processes such as adjusting the hinges or the pressure of the locking points.

Adjusting the pressure of the locking points.
Adjusting the pressure of the locking points.

How to regulate PVC windows correctly?

Procedures described as window adjustment are nothing more than the adjustment of window hardware. It is possible to carry it out properly if certain conditions are met. These include:

  • performing operations in accordance with the guidelines of the hardware system manufacturer;
  • use of appropriate tools;
  • adherence to the adjustment limits specified by the hardware manufacturer;
  • the knowledge to identify and replace defective components.

Self-adjustment of windows may result not only in overtightening of screws, but also in damage to hardware components. All work should be carried out by experienced professionals who will improve the functioning of the structure. It is also worth bearing in mind that making changes to the joinery on your own during the guarantee period will result in the product being excluded from the guarantee. That’s why it’s a good idea to entrust important tasks, such as window pressure adjustment, to professionals with many years of experience.

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Adjustment of MS windows

Servicing operations on MS windows are performed by people authorised by the manufacturer. The procedures to improve the functioning of the joinery are carried out by the Sales Partners, as well as by trained service technicians. These tasks include adjusting the hinges or the stay. Using the services of qualified specialists is a guarantee of many years of comfortable use of PVC windows.

How to take care of window hardware?

The condition necessary for the proper functioning of PVC joinery is not only the proper adjustment of balcony doors and windows, but also systematic checking of the condition of hardware elements responsible for the safety of the structure. The fixings and the degree of wear of the components used should be checked annually. You must also remember to regularly lubricate all moving parts. Care preparations must not contain acids or resins. It is also incorrect to use cleaning agents with substances that affect the anti-corrosion coatings of the hardware. Details of where to apply the window lubricant should be found in the guidelines provided by the joinery manufacturer.

Lubrication of hardware in PVC windows.
Lubrication of window hardware.

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