Smart Home by MS. Modern controls

We understand the changing world and the needs of our clients. We value comfortable and modern solutions in a smart home, which is why we are introducing the Smart Home by MS promotion. Thanks to it, intelligent control is available from PLN 369. We invite you to read the terms of discounts.

Smart home with one click

We meet modern technologies at every step and they become an indispensable part of our lives. We use modern telephones, ultra-fast Internet, we drive cars packed with electronics, and our homes are equipped with the latest solutions. In the past, only a few could afford home automation. Now intelligent control home appliances (eg. roller shutters or facade blinds ) is within reach of almost everyone. We are more willing to use such solutions because they are common, they increase home comfort, and also make us feel safer. Whether we’re at home or outside, we can influence what happens inside or outside. With one simple click, for example, we can open the louvers of the blinds and let the light in during a sunny day.

Control the covers with the help of the voice assistant

We can go a step further and communicate with our heart of the smart home not only by clicking, but by issuing voice commands. Integrated smart control technology works with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple HomeKit. All you need is a short “Alexa, start my day” and a voice assistant will help start our day. This means that it will simply raise the blinds and the rays of the rising sun will fall into our house. In this way, intelligent solutions allow for programming scenarios, triggering specific scenes and events in the house where we are currently staying or during a trip. Such possibilities allow for adjusting the control to the users’ needs. And owners can enjoy their free time in a home that thinks, feels and listens.

Smart Home by MS at an attractive price – promotion conditions

Meeting the expectations of our customers and following intelligent technological solutions, we introduce favorable price for the purchase of a control unit for shields. Special offer Smart Home by MS allows us to purchase the Mobilus Cosmo GTW air handling unit at an attractive price. When placing an order for ten roller shutters with Mobilus Senso ERS motors, we will pay for the control panel PLN 369. On the other hand, ordering fifteen facade blinds / blinds equipped with Mobilus Cosmo C-MR / C-ZR radio receivers allows you to purchase the control unit for PLN 439. We invite you to take advantage of the offer, and details are available in Showrooms .

Promotion for intelligent control of external covers in MS more than WINDOWS.

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