The decor and decoration of the windows in the living room

The living room is the most representative room in a house or apartment, where the household members usually spend the most time. It is used for relaxation, entertainment and receiving guests. While often attention is paid to the arrangement of furniture or the design of the room itself, so much time is not spent on windows. And it’s worth it, because properly decorated, they can affect the mood, aesthetics and reception of the salon.

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Decoration function

At the beginning, it is necessary to answer the question what function should be performed by window decorations. It can only be a decorative role, the main purpose of which is to beautify the room and improve its aesthetics. Most often this applies to windows that do not need to be covered, for example large glazing overlooking a private garden or windows in offices or other public places.

The window decoration can also have a more practical function, for example to darken a room. It is especially useful in the absence of external roller shutters or blinds. If too much sunlight interferes with watching TV, for example, then decorative curtains or other blinds can be used and the living room can be darkened accordingly.

The situation is still different when the windows face the street or another house or block and do not provide adequate privacy for residents. Then, the decor and decoration of windows can protect the household members from unwanted glances from outside people and guarantee an appropriate level of intimacy.

Most often, however, window decorations are designed to combine all the above functions and not only affect the aesthetics of the room, but also provide the household members with blackout and an appropriate dose of privacy.

Therefore, when we determine what we expect from our window decorations, you can proceed to their planning.

The decor of the windows in the living room

Traditional arrangement of windows in the living room – curtains and curtains

At the beginning, it is worth considering a traditional solution known for generations in Polish homes – a combination of curtains and curtains. Curtains provide privacy during the day by covering the window and hiding from undesirable prying eyes from the outside, without restricting the inflow of light too much. Appropriate blackout and cover at night are guaranteed by well-chosen curtains.

Skillfully matched curtains and curtains also have a decorative function. By surrounding the window, they can emphasize its beauty and enrich the aesthetics of the entire room. Remember that curtains and curtains should be selected to match the colors of the walls, furniture, carpet and the general design of the living room. When they repeat their color and pattern, the interior becomes more consistent and aesthetically uniform.

Curtains can be stretched over the entire size of the window, covering it and protecting the privacy of the household members, or they can only serve as decorative and ornamental purposes. Curtains can be simple or enriched with, for example, frills, pinned or topped with a lambrequin.

If the living room is decorated in a classic style, curtains with delicate patterns, for example floral, will be better suited. It can even be a single, subdued color material. In a modern living room, on the other hand, more daring patterns, such as geometric motifs or expressive colors, will also work. Shiny, heavy materials will be suitable for glamor-style interiors.

The level of sunlight in the living room is also important. If it is located on the south or west side, thicker and densely woven curtains will be more functional, while from the east and north, transparent and lighter curtains will be better.

The height of the curtains is important to the overall impression of the room. Suspended near the ceiling, they will make it visually seem much higher, and thus – larger and more representative.

Window decoration in the living room

Modern interiors – blinds and pleats

Currently, however, curtains and curtains are less and less common in modern interiors. Internal blinds or pleats are more often used.

Roman blinds are a popular solution, for example. It is the most decorative type of blinds. When lifted, they are arranged in strips of material and during the day they constitute an effective decoration above the window recess. They are made of the same material as the curtains.

Day / night blinds can also be an alternative to curtains. They consist of alternating stripes – blackout and transparent. Thanks to this, they make it easier to control the inflow of light to the interior of the room. Roller blinds of this type are very stylish and fit perfectly into modern, minimalist living rooms.

Another solution that has gained considerable popularity in recent years are pleats. They are a great alternative to curtains, because they successfully protect the room from the view from the outside.

Wooden blinds, for example, will be perfect for loft, colonial or rustic interiors. Their colors can be selected to match the furniture in the living room, thanks to which they can visually create a very successful combination and a designer look.

Blinds and pleats can also be used with curtains. In such a solution, the curtains usually only play a decorative function, then the blinds take over the role of the room darkening device.

The design of the windows in a modern interior

Windows without shading

What if we don’t want our windows to be obscured by anything? Modern technologies have introduced the possibility of installing really large glazing in houses, which almost replaces the wall of the house. So when you opted for such a solution, why cover it?

In such a situation, it is worth considering installing delicate curtains that will only play a decorative role. However, for possible darkening of the room, external roller blinds or facade blinds may be a better solution.

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