Third middle gasket

MD window frame.

Gaskets are used to protect the room against the dust, water and noise. Installing two gaskets is standard in PVC windows. In most of the window systems offered by MS beyond WINDOWS, there is a third middle gasket, which has a positive effect, among others, on the thermal insulation of the structure.

Gaskets in PVC profiles – where are they located?

There are two gaskets as standard in PVC profiles. One of them is on the sash rebate and the other on the frame rebate. This gasket system is referred to by the abbreviation “AD” (in German: Anschlagdichtung). An optional solution is a third middle gasket. It is placed in the free space between the sash and the frame. Window systems with this element are abbreviated as “MD” (in German: Mitteldichtung).

The influence of an additional gasket on the parameters of the window

The third middle gasket is to improve the thermal insulation properties of the sash-frame system. Moreover, this component ensures greater tightness of the construction. It is also worth mentioning the better acoustic insulation. An additional gasket prevents dirt, dust and insects from entering the frame through the drainage holes. It also isolates the hardware from the part of the rebate with drainage holes. Due to the fact that the hardware is separated from the damp space, it can work in dry conditions. As a result, it is not exposed to rust and dirt.

Third middle gasket in the bluEvolution 82 profile.
Section of a profile with a third gasket.

Third middle gasket in MS systems

An additional gasket is present in most of the PVC window systems produced by MS beyond WINDOWS. It is included in the following solutions:

For the production of MSline+ windows, Salamander profiles from the bluEvolution 82 series are used. Products from this system are also available in the AD version – without an additional middle gasket.

The Wood Look series is a unique combination of the natural appearance of wooden structures with all the advantages of choosing PVC windows. This effect was achieved thanks to the work of MS beyond WINDOWS technologists. They created an innovative method of connecting the corners of frames and sashes at right angles.

In the ALU LOOK system there are used veneers which make PVC windows look like aluminium. This series also uses a unique technology for connecting the corners of frames and sashes. As a result, ALU LOOK products are a perfect combination of cool elegance and the benefits of using PVC structures.

The base of windows from the MS evolution [82] system are Salamander profiles, 82 mm wide. This series of products is undoubtedly characterized by an interesting design. The profiles of the frames and sashes are distinguished by a rounded line. Therefore, MS evolution [82] windows not only have very good parameters, but also an original appearance.

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