Why is it worth investing in sun visors?

Summer is the season of the year loved by most of us. However, high temperatures in the rooms where we stay, work or sleep are undesirable. Sun shades protect us from the sun, but not only that. We will answer the question why it is worth investing in them.

What are the benefits of sun visors?

The first and most important benefit that external covers give us is effective protection against the sun. They protect rooms against excessive overheating, which gives invaluable comfort of staying inside. As a result, you do not need to invest in, for example, expensive air conditioning or fans. Thus, pay off high electricity bills. Roller shutters protect us not only in summer. They will also provide us with additional insulation against the cold in the autumn and winter period. The lowered roller shutter protects against the ingress of cold air from the outside. Additionally, sun visors protect our privacy. This is the perfect solution for those who want to avoid the intrusive glances of their neighbors. If the windows of our house or apartment face a noisy district, it is worth considering the installation of external covers. When it comes to sun protection, we can choose between blinds and facade blinds . We write about what speaks in favor of both of them in the following paragraphs.

External blinds – advantages

More Solutions external roller shutters they are made of durable components, which makes them solid. It is worth mentioning that on both sides of the lamellas, which are made of ecologically clean aluminum filled with polyurethane foam, there are embossing. All this makes the structure durable and resistant to weather conditions. The proper functioning of the roller shutter will not be disturbed even by the wind speed of 113 km / h. On sunny days, when the blind is lowered, it blocks the access of sunlight to the interior. One should not forget about the protection of privacy, it is also one of the important functions of roller shutters. They take care of intimacy and are irreplaceable in the case of curious peeking of neighbors at our windows. Besides, they perfectly isolate from noise. Plan the installation of roller shutters for people with windows facing a noisy street. What’s more, a wide range of colors makes it possible to perfectly match the shutter to the color of the woodwork. An alternative to sun visors can also be mSun facade blinds.

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Roller shutters in a modern building.
Roller shutters more Solutions partially or fully closed, they provide a barrier against the sun’s rays. The shutters provide comfortable moments during hot days, while watching TV or at work.

Facade blinds – advantages

Facade blinds allow us to arrange the slats in any way and to fully adjust them. This function may favor the blinds, because with the roller shutter we only have the option of completely covering or uncovering the windows. The trend of using large glazing continues in modern construction. As a result, some of our home rooms are exposed to high sun exposure. In this case, it is worth considering the installation of facade blinds, especially on glazing in the living room, living rooms – wherever we want to control the access of light. It is worth mentioning that the facade blinds create a thermal barrier in front of the window glass. Thus, they slow down the heat exchange between the window and the interior. This action protects the rooms from overheating and lowers the temperature by up to 10 ° C, at 35 ° C outside.

Facade blinds that allow you to control the sun.
Thanks to the lamella adjustment mSun facade blinds we can control the light entering the interior. Facade blinds provide more arrangement options than roller blinds.

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