How to wash roller shutters and facade blinds?

Usually, we do not spend as much time cleaning roller shutters or facade blinds as on cleaning the house or working in the garden. However, spring is a good time to take care of our window covers and enjoy them as long as possible. This is especially important due to the weather conditions that affect them.

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How to wash roller shutters?

Due to the fact that the roller shutters are located outside the building, they are exposed to various types of dirt. Dust and grains of sand settling on the lamellas may scratch the armor or adversely affect the functioning of the roller shutter. It is better not to lead to such a situation and to keep the cover clean from time to time. The more so that cleaning roller shutters is not a complicated activity and you can do it yourself. We suggest in simple steps how to wash the roller shutters correctly.

Washing roller shutters step by step

  1. First, lower the roller shutter armor down and check if there are any particles on the surface that could scratch it. If necessary, get rid of them using a soft-bristled brush.
  2. Later, we can use a damp cloth with a little mild cleaning agent (e.g. dishwashing liquid) and wipe the roller shutter. It is important not to use too strong detergents and rough cleaning cloths that could damage or scratch the lamellas.
  3. At the very end, it remains only to wipe the roller shutter dry with an equally delicate cloth.
Roller shutters for windows.
Roller shutters are exposed to various dirt. Keeping the roller shutter clean affects its proper functioning.

Maintenance of roller shutters

Window covers available in the MS beyond WINDOWS offer should be regularly washed to prevent the accumulation of dirt. There is no need to lubricate the roller shutters. There are brush gaskets in the guides, thanks to which there is no excessive friction. On the other hand, the offered overload motors are a noteworthy solution. In the event of excessive contamination of the guides, they protect the armor of roller shutters or facade blinds against possible damage.

How to clean facade blinds?

In the same way as roller shutters, it is important to take care of facade blinds for windows. If we want our facade blinds to work properly, we need to clean them from the dust, sand particles or lingering leaves from time to time. You can carry out the work related to cleaning the facade blinds on your own, keeping in mind the basic rules.

Step-by-step cleaning of facade blinds

  1. We start by lowering the facade blind and arranging the lamellas to one side. It is better not to clean the lamellas wet, as this can cause unsightly streaks.
  2. It is best to use a dry, soft cloth for wiping. As in the case of roller shutters, do not use aggressive agents, e.g. solvent-based.
  3. Repeat exactly the same steps after turning the lamellas of the facade blind the other way.

Remember that if our window covers are equipped with automatic control, it is better to entrust maintenance, inspection and cleaning of components to professionals.

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Facade blinds on large glazings
Facade blinds should not be cleaned with irritating detergents. For wiping it is better to use a dry and soft cloth.

Washer for roller shutters and external blinds – is it worth it?

It is best to use a soft cloth to clean the window covers. Then washing roller shutters and facade blinds will be safe for the lamellas. Using a pressure washer is not a very good idea as it can damage components. This can only be done when the water pressure is set as low as possible. Then the used washer for roller shutters or facade blinds will not destroy the components. Let’s not forget that we should not clean the covers when the outside temperature is too low. Freezing water can damage the lamellas.

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