Wind sensors

Wind sensors allow you to control the position of roller shutters based on prevailing weather conditions.

External guards operate in different atmospheric conditions. To protect them from high-speed winds, special instruments are used – wind sensors. Thanks to them, the façade blinds adapt to the current weather and are not destroyed in the event ofstrongwind gusts.

How do wind sensors work?

Wind sensors are designed to protect façade blinds from damage caused by strong winds. The speed at which the instruments react and cause the blind to rise is set by the user (it has a range specified by the manufacturer). If the wind speed exceeds the set value for a certain period of time, the blind will increase and remain closed. Thanks to the sensors, the blinds are protected from damage caused by adverse weather conditions. Some wind sensor models come with an integrated solar sensor.

Wind sensors are found, among others version with an integrated sun sensor.
Solar-wind sensor.

Intelligent house with weather sensors

Wind sensors, like solar sensors, can be used in a so-called smart home. Modern solutions, including adapting the work of the guards to external conditions make the use of façade blinds fully comfortable. They also ensure the safety of the use of external guards.

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