Solar sensors

Somfy solar sensors allow you to control the position of the blinds based on the intensity of sunlight.

Façade blinds are installed mainly to regulate the amount of light entering the room. Solar sensors are used to automatically change their position depending on the light intensity. Thanks to them, the external covers adapt to the external conditions and provide adequate comfort to those staying in the interior.

How do solar sensors work?

Solar sensors are instruments that cause the outer guards to provide thermal comfort to the inhabitants of the house. These devices measure the intensity of light. On the basis of it, they decide on the position of the façade blinds. Their operation depends on the threshold set. If the light intensity exceeds the set threshold for a certain period of time, the blind will leave. These devices may come in a version with an integrated wind sensor.

Solar sensors are with integrated wind sensor.
Solar-wind sensor.

Weather sensors – smart home components

Solar sensors, along with radio motors, dedicatedcontrol units and numerous accessories, allow you to create a smart home. Thanks to them, the functioning of façade blinds can be fully adapted to the needs of the household. The exterior guards available in MS more than WINDOWS can also be equipped with wind sensors that protect blinds in the event of high-speed wind.

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