in TOPTEN Windows 2022

FORM and SOFT IV Wood 92 SS among the best structures offered by Polish manufacturers.

topten 2022

We are happy to announce that two of our products have been qualified to the top ten of the TOPTEN Windows 2022 ranking. The competition consisted in evaluating the woodwork of Polish producers. The following were taken into account: parameters that have a direct impact on energy consumption. Among the awarded products were FORMA windows made of PVC and wooden windows SOFT IV Wood 92 SS. This is another time when a solution from the MS offer, more than WINDOWS, appears in the list of constructions with the best energy efficiency on the market.

TOPTEN HACKS Okna 2022 is the sixth edition of the competition for the best construction joinery, which was organized by the Lower Silesian Energy and Environment Agency and the Foundation for Energy Efficiency. During it, the products of Polish manufacturers were compared – vertical windows (PVC, wooden and aluminum), roof windows and external doors. The assessment was carried out on the basis of technical parameters of the structure, which were confirmed by specialized research units. The windows checked in the competition were selected by the organizers of the ranking from all solutions available on the market.

Key energy efficiency

The individual criteria that were taken into account when comparing the structures had a different share in the overall evaluation of the window joinery. Energy efficiency was given the greatest importance (as much as 47% of points). This is an aspect of particular importance in the context of the energy crisis. The other assessed elements are: strength parameters (20%), performance parameters (18%) and economy , i.e. the issue of costs (15%). Among the indicators that have a direct impact on energy consumption, there are e.g. window heat transfer coefficient U w and solar energy transmittance coefficient g . In turn, water tightness and resistance to wind load are among the factors responsible for the functional properties of the joinery.

MS windows in the top ten

Based on the analyzed technical parameters, the best products on the Polish joinery market were selected. Among them were FORMA windows and wooden SOFT IV Wood 92 SS windows .

FORM and SOFT IV Wood 92 SS in TOPTEN Okna 2022.

Qualifying for TOPTEN 2022 is another proof of the continuous development of the brand and the constant refinement of the created structures so that they meet the highest standards both in terms of energy efficiency and performance parameters . We were distinguished again in the ranking of the Lower Silesian Energy and Environment Agency and the Foundation for Efficient Energy Use. Earlier, in 2019, MSline+ windows were among the best. In turn, in 2017, the organizers included two solutions from our offer in the list – ALU LOOK and MSline+ windows.

topten 2022
Piotr Nadolny and Sławomir Dubiela – representatives of MS more than OKNA and MS Windows and Doors at the TOPTEN 2022 gala.

Below are the certificates confirming the properties of FORMA and SOFT IV Wood 92 SS windows.

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