Windows and balcony doors made of wood

The joinery produced today is distinguished by, among others, energy efficiency and exceptional durability. Carefully developed technology combined with an extensive range of colours make the windows and balcony doors from the MS Windows and Doors offer meet customer expectations both in terms of technical parameters and aesthetics.

Characteristics of wooden windows and balconies

Wood has been used for centuries as a material for the production of windows. Unfortunately, this raw material is associated with former windows, which did not provide due protection against heat loss. In addition, they were distorted during operation and, after years of use, did not function properly. Constantly evolving modern technologies have made modern wooden windows distinguished by very good technical parameters. Moreover, they are durable and retain their properties throughout their useful life. They are available as standard or slim (Denkmalschutz) . Exceptional aesthetics, protection of the interior from heat loss and weather resistance make wood joinery a luxury product. Numerous types of wood and a wide range of colours make the offer of MS Windows and Doors can meet the expectations of the most demanding customers.

Wooden windows and balcony doors – product lines

Windows and balcony doors from the MS Windows and Doors offer come in five product lines: Modern, Soft, Classic, Art and Old. They are shown in the graphics below.

Variants differ from each other with glazing bead, glazing rim, as well as external profiling of the sash and door frame. The variety of offer guarantees the possibility of matching the appearance of the joinery to the aesthetics of the building, as well as the planned interior design.

Available product lines of wooden windows and balcony doors.

Available sashes and frames thicknesses

The sashes and frames of windows and balcony doors of the MS Windows and Doors offer come in three thicknesses: 68, 80, as well as 92 mm. Each of these options comes in five product line variants, shown above. The graphic below shows a section of the construction from Modern line based on a 92 mm thick profile.

Wooden window from the Modern line, 92 mm thick.

Features and shapes of windows and balconies made of wood

Standard windows and balcony doors (open, tilt, tilt and turn, pivot, fixed sash and fixed frame) take the form of a rectangle. Thanks to carefully developed technologies, the joinery can also take on other shapes – arc, wheel, ellipse, triangle or trapezoid. Depending on the technological possibilities, these structures are created as tilt, tilt and turn, fixed glazing or pivot.

Types of windows and balcony doors

MS Windows and Doors offer includes two types of windows and balcony doors. The first type is standard windows, with an aluminium drip cap on the frame (or with a wooden overlay on the aluminium drip cap) and standard widths of profiles of frames and sashes. For the Modern, Classic, Art and Old lines, these dimensions are 77 mm for the sash and 80 mm for the frame. For products from Soft line, this parameter is 80 mm. The second variant is Slim windows. They are characterized by the presence of a wooden drip cap on the sash and smaller widths of the profiles of sash and frame (74 and 72 mm respectively). Slim windows are available in the following product lines: Classic, Modern, Art, as well as Old. The following graphics show standard and Slim windows (Modern line, thickness 92 mm).

Wood and varnishing

A wide range of wood types and colours allows to make windows and balcony doors in many combinations, tailored to the requirements of future users of the joinery. Each type of raw material is distinguished by different characteristics – both appearance and parameters.

Standard equipment for wooden windows

Elements that are standard equipment of wooden windows affect the functionality of the joinery as well as its appearance. Constructions made of wood belong to luxury products. Each of the additives used must therefore be distinguished by very good technical parameters and a high standard of workmanship. In all windows of the MS Windows and Doors offer there are the highest quality elements, adapted to the species and colours of wood. Standard wooden window equipment includes the following:

Hardware ensuring comfort of use

The hardware used for wooden windows primarily determines the comfort and period of convenient use of the woodwork. Moreover, these elements have a significant impact on the safety of the household. The use of properly selected components makes the window more likely to protect the room from burglary. In addition, hardware have an impact on the amount of costs of energy necessary to heat the interior. In the joinery from the MS Windows and Doors offer there is high-quality Siegenia TITAN AF hardware. Thanks to it, the windows are safe and comfortable to use. The optional security packages (RC1 and RC2) provide improved protection of the interior against burglary.

Hardware for wooden windows

Wooden balcony doors – types of thresholds

Balcony sashes, in addition to the traditional solution with a wooden frame, also come in a version with aluminium thresholds. Such an option is an excellent solution, e.g. for houses with access to the terrace. In turn, the use of a warm threshold significantly increases the comfort of use. The availability of different variants allows to choose the optimal option. Below, on the example of the Modern product line 92 mm, examples of threshold solutions are shown. The options shown are: standard wooden frame, standard Gutman Weser aluminum threshold (32 mm), GG Combi low threshold (20 mm) and BKV aluminum low threshold (20 mm).

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