How to cool a house in the summer? Reliable external window covers

During hot days, we look for shelter in rooms with a pleasant temperature. Ideally if the windows of our house are equipped with roller shutters or facade blinds, because it is the external window covers that are the most effective protection against excessive heating of the interiors.

External window covers are the best method for hot weather

External window covers create a thermal barrier in front of the glass, and this slows down heat exchange. Therefore, they are the most effective method of fighting heat. Their presence makes it easier to maintain the optimal temperature and ensure the comfort of staying in rooms. A very good example are mSun facade blinds. In houses or offices, where they are mounted on the facade of the building, we can lower the temperature by up to 10 degrees Celsius (with an outside temperature of 35 degrees). This significantly affects the comfort of staying, resting or working in rooms exposed to overheating. Thus, it allows you to avoid high costs associated with installing air conditioning and higher electricity bills. Thanks to the possibility any arrangement of the lamellas we will influence regulation of the degree of insolation. We will not achieve this effect by using roller shutters – here we only have the option of completely darkening the room. However, the lowered roller shutter can be treated as an additional element preventing burglary. Therefore, it is worth analyzing all the arguments that will speak in favor of one or the other and conscientiously answer the question what we expect.

Roller shutters or facade blinds? Check what to choose.

Controlling window covers by phone.
Controlling the external window covers with a smartphone gives you full control over your home.

Easy assembly and colour matching

External window covers can be installed not only in the case of new investments, but also in older buildings. This is good news for people who did not include roller shutters or facade blinds at the stage of creating an architectural design. Thanks to modern solutions, we are able to easily fit and fasten the window covers in an already inhabited house. This is done without interfering with the body of the building or damaging the facade. A wide range of available colours and patterns will facilitate perfect matching of the window covers to the colour of the joinery, gate or roof. Facade blinds and roller shutters, which blend in with the body of the building, additionally emphasize the style and are also a decorative element.

Roller shutters colour-matched to the windows.
A modern house equipped with MS joinery and more Solutions roller shutters. The colour of the lamellas perfectly matches the roof and the facade.

Control your home remotely

The basic variant of the equipment of the window covers is wired control. Simply put, the position of the roller shutters or lammelas of the facade blinds is regulated by the use of a button. This is the easiest way to create a substitute for a smart home. The installation of the control requires routing the cable to the switch. Therefore, it is worth choosing this option at the design stage or during renovation. Another type is functional and comfortable radio control. Remote controls available in MS offer allow for individual, group or central management of roller shutters and facade blinds. In this case, we will easily and with pleasure activate the facade blinds at a specific time or program the roller shutters control according to our needs. It is a bit different with intelligent remote control ( Smart Home). Here, we have full control over the house, even when we are not in it. From the most distant place in the world, we can directly influence what happens in our four walls.

Promotion for intelligent control in MS beyond WINDOWS.
Intelligent control available in MS from PLN 369. Refer to site.

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