Facade blinds or roller shutters. What to choose?

Roller shutters or facade blinds? People who start building a house are very often faced with such a choice. Until a few years ago, roller shutters were the most popular solution providing protection against overheating of rooms. Now, in some cases, they are giving way to facade blinds.

What window covers do we have to choose?

More Solutions roller shutters have good thermal insulation properties, provide a favorable balance of costs and energy for the house. Roller shutters lamellas are made of ecologically pure aluminium filled with polyurethane foam, in addition, there are grooves on both sides of the lamellas. All this affects the rigidity and proper functioning of the cover for the wind reaching a speed of 113 km/h. In addition, roller shutters protect against noise, which will be especially appreciated by residents of large cities. Roller shutters operate on the principle of completely covering or uncovering the windows – differently than facade blinds. In the case of the second of the above-mentioned solutions, the lamellas of the facade blinds are fully positioned, thanks to which they allow you to adjust the amount of sunlight to your preferences. One movement is enough to completely or partially darken the room either illuminate it without overheating. First of all, the facade blinds guarantee effective protection against heat and ensure optimal temperature distribution. What is worth highlighting, the external window covers create a thermal barrier in front of the glass, that is, outside the building, slow down the heat exchange and thus protect the rooms from overheating. An example are the mSun facade blinds, thanks to which we can lower the temperature inside by up to 10 degrees Celsius (with an external temperature reaching 35 degrees Celsius). This translates directly into our comfort, but also to a reduction in air conditioning expenses.

Window with roller shutter.
Roller shutters darken the interiors and also protect them from excessive heat by the sun.

Economic reasonable

We produce increasingly warmer windows, so heating costs are getting lower and modern architecture is the use of large glazing and exposure of rooms to high solar exposure. Therefore, having facade blinds where the sun is too much during the day seems economically justified. Often with the final choice between the roller shutter and the facade blind, investors decide on the second option. Why? Because the facade blinds look modern and are an original decoration of the building. In a word, they have more arrangement potential. Sometimes it turns out that with large windows we can not always use a roller shutter. The facade blind, thanks to its construction, allows to obtain a larger area and, consequently, can cover larger glazing.

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Facade blinds or roller shutters?

So what to choose? This question cannot be answered unequivocally, as the choice depends on several factors, e.g. the type and purpose of the rooms in which the covers are to be installed or the building settings. There is nothing to prevent you from connecting both types of covers in your home. Facade blinds are worth installing on the largest glazing in living rooms and study rooms, wherever we want to control the access of the sun. On the other hand, in rooms where we are staying less often (bathroom, laundry, garage or bedroom) let’s choose roller shutters. A wide range of colours will allow us to match the covers. Modern control systems will allow you to manage all motors with a single remote control or smartphone.

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Facade blind on the window in the living room.
Facade blinds allow you to adjust the position of lamellas, thanks to which in the room we can create a pleasant atmosphere.

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