How to properly ventilate the apartment?

Regular airing reduces the risk of excessive moisture in the rooms and allows you to get rid of harmful bacteria and viruses. Proper air circulation should be ensured both in summer and in winter. How to ensure comfortable living conditions in a house or apartment?

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Ventilation of rooms – what are the advantages?

Ventilating the apartment allows you to avoid the consequences of too much humidity in the interior. These include the development of mold and fungus, the emergence of problems with the respiratory system among tenants or troublesome allergies. Thanks to ventilation, we get rid of accumulated microorganisms entering the house, e.g. on our clothing. Insufficient fresh air can contribute to the deterioration of well-being. How much to ventilate the apartment and how to make it most effective? It mainly depends on the time of year and the prevailing temperature.

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How to ventilate the apartment in winter?

Although in the autumn and winter season we increase the temperature at home by using radiators, we must not forget about regular airing of the rooms. Turn off the heating and wait a few minutes before doing this. After this time, we can open the windows inside – during the cold months we should close them after about 5 minutes. In winter, the rule of thumb works best: short and intense. It is worth letting fresh air into the apartment twice a day – in the morning and in the evening. In addition, it is better to ventilate individual rooms separately to avoid drafts.

How to ventilate the apartment in the summer?

In the summer, the situation looks a bit different – airing at the wrong times can contribute to excessive heating of the interior instead of cooling it. For this reason, it is worth opening the windows early in the morning or late in the evening. During such a period, it will be good to create a draft that will speed up the exchange of air and increase the comfort of staying in the rooms.

Accessories supporting the supply of fresh air

Systematic airing of an apartment or house is not the only thing we should remember about. It is also worth equipping your windows with accessories that help bring fresh air into the interior. This is particularly important in the case of modern woodwork, which – thanks to constantly developing technologies – is characterized by exceptionally good tightness. An example of devices that ensure proper air circulation are window ventilators . They are available in a version controlled on the basis of the level of humidity in the interior or in a variant controlled on the basis of the difference between the pressure in the room and the pressure outside. Among the noteworthy solutions there is also a WINTER/SUMMER stay , i.e. an element that allows you to adjust ventilation to weather conditions. In addition, MS offers more than WINDOWS micro-ventilation (standard unsealing in the corner), multi-stage tilt, as well as TITAN vent secure – an option that allows for a small tilt while maintaining the burglary resistance class (RC1 or RC2).

Ventilation in the apartment
A window with a ventilator installed.

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