5 ways to secure your home during your vacation trip

During the holidays, nothing bothers us more than worrying about securing the house. The statistics inexorably show that thieves most often break in through terrace doors or windows. That is why we suggest what elements to equip the joinery with to make it difficult for a burglar to break into the apartment.

Professional hardware

If our house is located off the beaten track, far from other buildings, and the windows are on the ground floor and, additionally, on the garden side, there is a risk of a break-in. In such a situation, it is worth choosing the RC1 security package. This is one of the variants of joinery equipment with high-class Siegenia hardware. It includes, among others, four security striker plates that cooperate with comfort mushroom cams and are designed to make it difficult for a thief to force the sash. The package also includes a handle with the Secustic system, i.e. a mechanism that makes it difficult to change the position of moving hardware components. The handle can be additionally secured with a key. A detailed description of the anti-theft security packages (RC1 and RC2) can be found HERE.

Break-in through the window.
If the windows of our house are on the ground floor, it is worth opting for the RC1 security package. High-class hardware will make it difficult for a thief, for example, to force a sash.

Anti-burglary glass

For a thief, breaking an ordinary glazed unit will not be a problem. He will use a heavy stone or other object to do so and it will make it easy for him to enter the house. It is different in the case of glass, which is commonly called anti-burglary. It should be remembered that despite their name, such glazed units are not able to provide 100% protection against burglary. However, they can effectively delay it, thus giving owners or neighbors a chance to call for help. For single-family houses, the most common choice is the P2A glass with increased resistance to burglary or the P4A anti-burglary glass. Characteristic for them is that there is a special PVB foil between the individual glass panes. For example, a P2A glass is made of two layers of such a foil, and P4A is made of four. Glazed units, the glass panes of which are connected with each other by layers of PVB foil, have greater resistance to shattering and cracking. Simply put, the more layers of glass and foil, the more difficult it is to break a window. More about this can be found in the article about anti-burglary and safety glass.

Optional reed switches

Reed switches are magnetic sensors that detect the opening of the sash. They signal when an unwanted person tries to open or tilt the window. The construction of reed switches is not complicated, they consist of a magnet and a tube with embedded contacts. Each attempt to open the window breaks the electromagnetic circuit and activates an alarm with integrated reed switches. This little element is placed between the sash and the frame. Thanks to this, the thief does not even suspect that the joinery has been equipped with such a clever solution.

Roller shutters provide additional protection against theft

On the one hand, modern roller shutters protect rooms against excessive sun exposure, and on the other hand, they provide additional protection against burglary. We can make the windows and balcony doors in the house an obstacle difficult to cross, if we install roller shutters with additional security. Installing a special bolt (automatic or manual) on the lower strip will prevent the lowered roller shutter from being raised from the outside. Articulated hangers are even better security solution. They press the roller shutter armor down and prevent it from being raised from below. These are elements cooperating with radio control, so we can only use them with roller shutters with electric motors. In addition, security will be ensured by intelligent control Smart Home. The available solutions will help us to time program, e.g. closing the roller shutter at a specific time. Such amenities simulate the presence of household members in the apartment and thus effectively deter a thief.

Lowered roller shutters.
The roller shutter lowered downwards is an additional protection against burglary. In addition to protecting the rooms from heating, it also makes it difficult for a thief to gain access to the apartment.

Irreplaceable neighbor

However, the most effective protection for the house seems to be a neighbor who will keep a close eye on our property. Provided, of course, that we live in harmony with it. If so, we can give him the keys to the house with a clear conscience. In the evening he will go to the garden, water the flowers or look in the mailbox. For a burglar, it is a signal that the house has not been left to fate and that the neighbor is on guard. And finally – even if you have the most beautiful vacation photos – don’t brag about it on social media. This makes an opportunity for a thief who, in addition to watching your home, can also follow your Instagram account.

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