Windows in the child’s room. 4 things to look out for

When designing a room for a child, we must remember to ensure the child’s comfort and safety. One of the key elements of a toddler’s room equipment are windows that are safe to use. Let’s pay attention to the parameters (heat transfer coefficient or noise reduction coefficient), the applied glazed unit and handles. We advise what is important when choosing windows for a child’s room.

Windows in the child’s room – check the parameters

Children’s room is associated with warmth, coziness and safety. As a parent, we want to take care of these key aspects, so we avoid distracting colours of walls, carefully select furniture or accessories. Let’s not forget about the windows, because they are an important part of the equipment of our toddler’s room. Joinery with good thermal insulation properties will protect against heat loss. Simply put, our child will not get cold during colder days, so choose windows in which the Uw heat transfer coefficient is as low as possible. In practice, this means that the use of a window involves low heat loss and ensures an optimal temperature in the room. For example, MSline+ windows with Thermobar spacer bar achieve heat transfer coefficient Uw = 0.71 W/m²K.

Window in the child's room.
Window joinery with good thermal insulation properties protects the interior from heat loss.

Let’s take care of silence in the child’s room

Peaceful sleep means the proper development of our children, to ensure it, let’s take care of the proper soundproofing of the room. Especially if the windows in the child’s room are located on the side of a busy and noisy street. Pay attention to the noise reduction coefficient, which is used to determine the extent to which a glazed unit dampens the sound. Noise reduction coefficient Rw is a parameter indicating the difference between external and internal noise. The ability to dampen noise by the window depends on several factors e.g. the type of glass used, the surface of the glass or even the type of gas filling the inter-pane spaces.

Window in the child's room.
When designing a room for a toddler, it is worth checking the noise reduction coefficient Rw of the joinery.

The windows in the child’s room must be safe

All kinds of ideas come to mind for young children, and the room turns into a real battlefield. Toys fly around, toddlers climb furniture, run and jump – this is what a happy childhood looks like. What if the toy accidentally hits the glass and breaks it? The risk of harming yourself is then enormous. Better safe than sorry and equip the windows with a safe glazed unit. One option is to choose a glazed unit with e.g.laminated glass,which consists of two panes of glass, and between them there is a layer of PVB foil. It is safe because when the glass is broken, the foil holds the shards of the broken glass and prevents it from scattering. Another option is a tempered glass,which after damage breaks into a mass of out-of-sharp pieces. Even when lifting such fragments of glass from the floor, it is difficult to cut yourself. When choosing to use the right glazed unit, we do not have to fear that our child will be harmed.

Check how the glazed units are built.

Lift and slide door in Sheffield Oak light.
If we choose tempered glass for windows in a child’s room, we will avoid unwanted injury.

Handle with button or key

The little ones are curious about the world. They want to get to know it and observe it – preferably through the windows. Therefore, an open window can endanger the safety of children. A moment of our inattention is enough for a little explorer to climb onto the windowsill. When choosing joinery for a child’s room, it is worth remembering to use the Hoppe handle with a key or a button, which when pressed releases the lock mechanism and allows to open the window sash. For example, a METZ handle with a key or a TOKYO with a button are available in our offer. Some children learn very quickly and are quite cleverly able to handle the door handle, so it is worth considering the use of a window opening lock. This is a simple mechanism in which we can only tilt the sash. Only the use of the key allows to open the window wide.

Metz silver handle with a key.
METZ handle with a key
Tokyo white handle with a button.
TOKYO handle with a button

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