Bay windows in single-family house

If you are planning to build a single-family house, consider diversifying its form with a classic but very chic addition – a bay window. By the way, it will enlarge the room and allow for interesting interior arrangements. We advise which bay windows to choose.

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What is a bay window?

To begin with, let’s try to explain what a bay window is. A bay is a part of a building covered by a separate roof, extending from the face of the wall outwards at a certain height above the ground. In other words, it is a structural element slightly protruding from the body of the building, which may resemble a built-in balcony.

The bay window is often confused with a risalit, which is a protruding part of the building facade at the height of all storeys, situated in the middle or at the corners of the facade.

Bay windows

Which window for the bay?

When deciding on a bay window, a decision still needs to be made regarding its glazing. Large windows, which look stylish and visually enrich the body of the building, are a great choice.

The most important thing when choosing windows for a bay is to match them with the overall aesthetic of the building. In houses built in a classical style, with wooden elements and elevation ornaments, traditional wooden windows with muntins can work very well.

For wooden windows, PVC Wood Look windows that look like wooden joinery, in which you can also insert PVC muntins, can be a good alternative. It is worth choosing such a solution, for example, when we decide on a living room with a bay window and plan to arrange the room in a classic style.

However, there is no general rule regarding the aesthetics of bay windows. In houses with a more modern design, they can be devoid of muntins and have rich colours. The most important thing is that they should not disturb the overall aesthetics of the building. Bay windows should be compatible with the rest of the elements used.

Apart from their appearance, it is worth paying attention to their functionality. An important aspect is of course thermal insulation, as well as acoustic insulation. It is therefore worth considering products with a low heat transfer coefficient Uw and with a high noise reduction coefficient Rw, e.g. modern PVC MSline+ windows.

Bay window

Accessories for bay windows

For bay windows it is worth considering the purchase of accessories, e.g. roller shutters or facade blinds. Taking into account the large glazing of the bay window, the problem may be too intensive sun exposure of the room, especially in summer or in rooms which face south. Therefore, installing additional window covers may not be so much an option as a necessity.

The choice of roller shutters or facade blinds is also very extensive. There are various colour options and installation solutions to choose from that will not negatively impact the overall aesthetics of the building, but rather diversify it. Like bay windows, you can choose roller shutters or wood-like blinds for more traditional-style buildings. For more modern designs, more modern colours such as metallic or shades of grey will work well.

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