Mosquito nets for windows. What do we have to choose from?

Summer is the season of the year that brings with it not only the sun, but also the presence of insects. Sometimes insecticides are not enough, and the installation of mosquito nets proves effective protection. Modern mosquito nets for windows are not only a net attached to the joinery, but also innovative structures that are convenient to use and match the joinery. What solutions do we have to choose from?

Frame mosquito net

A frame mosquito net is the most popular and economical variant of window mosquito nets. The net of the frame mosquito net is made of PVC coated glass fiber and embedded in aluminium frames. There is an additional aluminium corner in the middle of the frame. It contributes to good stability and makes the mosquito net adhere perfectly to the window frame. Frame mosquito nets transmit light well. They are best for windows that we open only for airing. An additional advantage is the possibility of disassembling the mosquito net for the autumn and winter period, which makes it easier to keep it clean.

Balcony (door) mosquito net

As the name suggests, this type of mosquito net is intended for use with balcony doors. The balcony mosquito net is mounted on a hinge, which is attached to the frame or facade. Due to the fact that the mosquito net opens in the same way as the door of our balcony, it in no way restricts the free passage to the terrace. Unfortunately, this solution cannot always be used with large glazings and sliding doors. In such situations, the third type of mosquito net for windows comes in handy, i.e. the sliding cover.

Sliding mosquito net

This solution is used with large-size HST lift and slide doors or PSK tilt and slide doors. This type of mosquito net for windows can also be successfully installed to protect large PVC or balcony entrance doors . The sliding mosquito net is mounted on rails and moves sideways, so it does not take up any additional space when opening. It should be noted that the movement of the frame with the net is smooth, so you do not need to use force when opening. As with the frame mosquito net, the sliding mosquito net can be easily removed for the winter.

Pleated mosquito net

Contemporary trends in construction promote the use of more and more glazings, hence pleated mosquito nets seem to be an irreplaceable solution wherever large windows are installed. Why? Pleated mosquito nets fold into a harmonica, thanks to which they do not take up much space when folded. However, when unfolded, they can be up to 380 cm wide. They can be moved to the right or left or, for larger widths, on both sides. Their great advantage is that they are mounted in the light of the joinery, so they do not collide with window covers and do not require distance like sliding mosquito nets. All mosquito nets from our offer can be colour-matched to the windows. The nets are available in gray or black. A wide range of mosquito nets allows to adjust the appropriate solutions to each type of joinery.

Pleated mosquito net in Patio HST.
Pleated mosquito net installed in Patio HST lift and slide door.

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