What should you know about large glazings?

Large terrace glazings.

Large glazings belong to the group of the most characteristic and desirable elements of modern construction. Their use, however, sometimes raises doubts regarding functionality and safety. Is it right?

The answers will concern sliding systems as the most technologically advanced. We will focus on the Patio HST lift and slide doors.

Do they protect against the cold?

Large glazings in the house do not mean large heat losses and the need to spend huge amounts of money on heating. If we apply appropriate solutions, the joinery may have better insulation parameters than a brick wall. How does this happen? The glass has an almost twice better U heat transfer coefficient than the frame material (SUPERtermo glazed units are characterized by Ug = 0.5–0.6 W / m²K). If we add to this – as in the case of Patio HST lift and slide doors, the low and warm EcoPass threshold (15mm high), the SUPERtermo glazed unit with the warmest MULTITECH spacer bars, we will achieve the heat transfer coefficient Ud = 0.74 w/m2K.

Do they protect against burglary?

When we think about large glazings, we fear that it will be easier for thieves to break through them. Is it really so? If we decide on windows with an anti-burglary package we can feel safe. Closed, i.e. lowered to the threshold and locked HST door sash (also in the micro-ventilation position), due to its weight and the system of bolts, is an insurmountable barrier. In the Patio HST lift and slide doors, we use perfect German hardware from SIEGENIA. They are complemented by anti-burglary panes of the P4A class. These glazed units consist of two 4 mm panes glued together with a special PVB foil. These panes, even after breaking (which is not easy), are difficult to break due to as many as 4 layers of foil.

What are the maximum dimensions?

It all depends on the material from which they are made. Patio HST 77 can even replace an entire wall up to 13 meters wide and 3 meters high. The PVC-made Patio HST can reach a maximum of 6.5 meters wide and 2.7 meters high. The final dimensions depend on the selection of a specific scheme of sashes and fixed glazings.

Will they be comfortable to use?

Hardware plays an important role in the use of large-size windows. They not only hold the sash, but are also responsible for the comfort of its opening and closing. Thanks to the support systems, SIEGENIA mechanisms make it very easy to move even a very large and heavy HST sash. The comfort of opening is improved by the optionally available electric systems and remote control (e.g. with a remote control)

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