5 things that affect the aesthetics of windows

Window parameters are very important when choosing a joinery. The second important issue is the appearance of windows. We advise on what things should be paid attention to to make the windows in our house look aesthetically, harmonize with the style of the interior and raise the value of the body of the building.

Aesthetic window with hidden hinges

William Peter Blatty, an American writer and filmmaker, wrote that if it weren’t for the details, there wouldn’t be great results. This quote perfectly emphasizes the role of window details, which are hidden hinges, which can be used in windows. Hidden hinges – what is it? What are the benefits of their use? As the name suggests, these are elements of the hardware that cannot be seen because they are hidden in the inner space between the sash and the frame. Invisible hardware make the window frame look very aesthetically. In addition, there is no need to choose covers in a colour that matches the shade of veneer. Besides, in the place of traditional hinges quite often accumulates dirt, which is difficult to clean. Therefore, with the use of hidden hinges, taking care of the cleanliness of the windows is simple and pleasant.

Window with hidden hinges welded in HFL technology.
Wood Lookwindow in Alpine veneer with hidden hinges.

Elegant and precise weld

The way in which the corners are connected is also a determining element in the aesthetics of the windows. The traditional method of combining PVC profiles is related to the need to remove excess material flowing out during the welding process. As a result, contaminants can enter the connection point. The latest V-perfect technology, used in the production of MS windows, allows for precise welding. The connection of the corners with the V-perfect method ensures a smoothly finished welding place and does not leave the slightest traces of mechanical processing of the surface. Thus, the way the corners of the windows are connected greatly affects the design and style of the joinery. Therefore, this is another of the window details that is worth looking at when deciding to buy joinery. Especially since we want the windows in our dream house to be functional and nice.

Corner of a window welded in the V-Perfect technology.
Corner made by V-perfect method.

Colour of the joinery chosen for the style of the building

The wide range of colours of veneers can sometimes be overwhelming. Especially since you can choose from a whole palette of colours, shades, patterns and textures. The main thing is not to get lost in all this and consistently stick to the chosen style in which we want to decorate the house. For example, wood-like veneers will fit wherever the owners want to emphasize elegance or make interiors cozy. All kinds of grays are chosen for modern buildings. White is a very neutral colour that suits any style. Metallic veneers (e.g. Alux DB) or dark shades (e.g. Jet Black matt) are perfect for loft-style rooms. It is worth noting that the windows can be made in two colours at the same time, different on the outside and different on the inside. Moreover, the frame and the sash can be made in completely different colours (BiColor). A good combination is, for example, the frame in the dark shade Graphite black matt and the sash in the colour Woodec turner oak matt.

Check the colours of the windows available in our offer.

BiColor window - a frame in a dark shade and a sash in wood-like veneer.
The frame and sash can be made in two different colours (the frame is Graphite black matt, and the sash is Woodec turner oak matt).

The shape of the window matters

Square and rectangular windows are still the most popular. However, increasingly, the choice of custom window shapes is dictated by the desire to create a modern and original design of the house. When we choose a classic, manor house or rustic style, we also often choose windows in unusual shapes, e.g. arches or circles. Including windows with non-standard shapes in the design can make the joinery attract attention and the building will gain a unique look. MS offers joinery in a variety of shapes to suit buildings in different styles.

Dark trapezoidal window in the living room.
Windows with custom shapes will make the interior original.

Large glazings impress

A big influence on how windows look is affected by their size. If we include large-scale joinery in the construction plan, we can be sure that the building will gain in modernity. Large windows look magnificent and will certainly attract the attention of our visitors. Thanks to the large dimensions of windows, the house will take on lightness, and the living room space will open to the horizon. Another thing is the perfectly illuminated interior. It is thanks to the large glazings that we will enjoy the possibility of staying in a perfectly lit room. Quite important for large glazings are window covers. Therefore, in order to make the comfort of staying in interiors where large glazings are installed even greater (it is especially important in summer) we suggest to think about window covers (e.g. more Solutions roller shutters or mSun facade blinds).

A large window with between-glass bars.
The room where large glazings are installed looks impressive.

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