Entrance door – what should you know before buying?

When finishing the house, you need to make some important decisions regarding the joinery. In addition to choosing the right set of windows, you also need to consider the entrance door. After all, it is a choice for years, so the purchased door should not only be aesthetic, but also functional and durable. We advise what to look for when buying them.

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Functions of the front door

The entrance door performs several functions at the same time. They are supposed to look aesthetically, provide good thermal insulation, protect against wind and water, reduce noise coming from outside, and ensure safety.

The visual function is very important, because the door is most often the central point of the front facade of the house, it is an element that attracts attention and influences the appearance of the entire building. Hence, they must blend in well with the architectural style of the house, as well as with the installed windows and other doors.

Thermal insulation is another important function of the entrance door. Their task is to limit the ingress of cold inside the house, as well as the escape of heat from the inside to the outside. Thus, tight doors allow you to reduce expenses on heating the house.

A high-quality door should also provide high-class insulation. Weather conditions are changeable, so it is important that the door effectively protects against rain and wind.

Entrance doors also constitute a barrier between the outside and the inside world, and thus should provide adequate acoustic insulation. Protecting the household members against excessive noise is therefore another important function that they should fulfill.

The last, but probably the most important, function is to keep your belongings safe and secure. The front door is a barrier that must be crossed to get inside from the outside. That is why it is so important that its crossing by unauthorized persons is not too easy, and preferably even impossible.

How to choose an entrance door?

Knowing what tasks should be fulfilled by the front door, you can focus on choosing the right model. There are several features and parameters that should be particularly taken into account.

Type of material

Entrance doors can be made of PVC, aluminum and wood. Each of these materials has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Doors made of PVC are the most affordable option. They offer very good thermal insulation parameters as well as watertightness and wind resistance. The wide range of available panels also allows them to be adapted to even the most extravagant architectural projects.

Aluminum doors are characterized by the highest strength and longevity. Their resistance to even extreme weather conditions means that they will enjoy the householders with their design and performance parameters for many years. As in the case of PVC doors, the wide range of available panels means that they can be adapted to any facade.

Wooden doors are characterized by classic elegance. Wood is a very plastic material that allows you to create real works of applied art. Thus, this type of door should be chosen by those who particularly care about the design of the entrance and maintaining traditional aesthetics, for example owners of rustic-style villas or historic mansions or tenement houses.

The most demanding investors can also choose wooden and aluminum entrance doors. They combine the comfort of using aluminum doors, along with their durability and insulation parameters, with the elegance and design of wooden doors. Unfortunately, the price of such solutions also increases with the quality.


The appearance of the entrance door plays an extremely important role, as it is most often the focal point of the front facade of the building, it catches the eye and is the first barrier that visitors can cross. Their appropriate appearance is therefore key to the visual impression that our home makes.

The design of the entrance door must correspond to the installed window joinery. Therefore, it is good to keep the color harmony and the aesthetics of the profiles used. And also properly selected accessories, such as door handles and pulls. Moreover, the panels should blend in well with the façade. It is good for them to contrast with it and stand out from its background.

Glazing is a separate issue. The entrance door does not have to be fully enclosed, it can have larger or smaller openings. Their selection depends on whether we want to maintain more privacy and hide from the view from the outside, or on the contrary – inform potential guests that we are approaching the door, for example by turning on the light that will break through such glazing. Additionally, fanlights may appear around the door. However, it all depends on the architect’s design and vision.

Performance parameters

The performance parameters of interior doors are extremely important. They should have the lowest possible heat transfer coefficient . From the beginning of 2021, the standards stipulate that for the entrance door it cannot be higher than 1.3 W / m 2 K. It must be remembered that the thermal insulation of the door is influenced not only by the material of the frame and the properties of the filling, but also by the threshold used. . In the case of PVC doors in the MS more than WINDOW offer, it is a warm aluminum threshold with a thermal break.

Entrance doors should also be of the highest possible class of water resistance . This will prevent leakage of the door in the event of bad weather, intense storm or prolonged downpour.

Wind load resistance is also a very important parameter. It tells us how much our doors can withstand. This affects the safety of the entire structure, so the higher the door class, the better.

Finally, it is worth considering what security features the door manufacturer offers. Do they have the appropriate fittings? Special locks and other anti-burglary functions? How resistant are they to any breach attempts? These are certainly issues that must be considered before making a purchase.

Entrance door accessories

In addition to the choice of doors, there is also the matter of choosing the right accessories for them. It is mainly about the decision whether it is better to install a handrail, a handle or a knob?

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Additional equipment mainly affects the comfort of using such doors. Handrails are a more modern solution, although not suitable for all implementations. Perfect for PVC or aluminum panel doors. They fit all modern architectural styles – minimalist, industrial, Scandinavian. They will work mainly in public buildings, such as offices, libraries, schools and museums, as well as in offices, restaurants and shops. But they are also gaining more and more popularity in housing construction, thanks to the many modern solutions they offer. An example would be fingerprint readers. The handles match the doors in metallic colors and filled with aluminum panels.

Handles and knobs are better suited for doors with a more traditional style. These are classic solutions that will fit very well, for example, to doors with wood-like veneers or traditional wooden solutions. Houses in a classic, rustic, country style, as well as historic villas, manors and tenement houses, even require the use of a handle or a knob.

The selection of appropriate accessories is therefore mainly determined by the general aesthetics of the investment, as well as the additional functions offered.

Entrance doors in the MS offer more than WINDOWS

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