Wooden and aluminum entrance door

Wooden and aluminum doors are a combination of functionality and aesthetic values. Wood gives the interior a cozy character, and aluminum cladding increases the durability and safety of the structure. Both traditional wooden and aluminum doors and modern slab doors with aluminum cladding will emphasize the character of the room and will fulfill their function impeccably for many years.

Features of wood-aluminum entrance doors

Wooden and aluminum entrance doors perform the following functions:

  • aesthetic – they decorate the house and largely affect the appearance of the entire building. Their finish must match the rest of the woodwork used;
  • thermal – they protect the room against the ingress of cold air into it, and at the same time protect against the escape of heat to the outside;
  • insulating – prevent water and wind from getting inside;
  • acoustic – they protect the room against external noise;
  • security – they make it difficult for potential burglars to break into your home.

Basic design features:

  • they are available in a frame or plate version;
  • available in outward and inward opening variants;
  • offered options: single- and double-leaf;
  • possibility to choose various combinations of top or side transoms;
  • thickness variants: 68 and 80 mm;
  • the possibility of fulfilling orders for doors or upper skylights in the shape of an arch;
  • availability of wood-aluminum panels, muntins and crosspieces;
  • equipped with fittings for wooden doors that guarantee comfortable use and safety;
  • a wide selection of threshold variants;
  • colors fully matched to other woodwork elements from the offer.

Wood-aluminum door options

Wood-aluminum doors come in different variants, so you can easily find the option that suits you. The differences between the individual solutions are presented in the graphics below.

Wood and aluminum doors open to the outside or inside

The structure opens inwards, made of Modern profile, 80 mm thick. Equipped with Weser threshold and Quadrat aluminum cladding.

The variant opens outwards, the Modern profile is 80 mm thick, with a Weser threshold and Quadrat cladding.

Timber-aluminum doors, frame or plate

The inward opening frame doors are based on the Modern profile, 80 mm thick. Equipped with Weser threshold and Quadrat cladding.

Plate door opening inwards with a Weser threshold and Quadrat cladding. Profile variant: Modern, 80 mm.

Board structure opening inwards with Quadrat cladding and aluminum panel. The Modern profile in the 80 mm version and the Weser threshold were used.

Frame doors opening outwards made of Modern profile, 80 mm thick. Equipped with Weser threshold and Quadrat cladding.

Plate door opening outwards with Quadrat cladding and Weser threshold. Constructed on the basis of a Modern profile with a thickness of 80 mm.

The structure is made of ThermalDoor MS board, opening outwards with Quadrat cladding, aluminum panel and Weser threshold. Profile option: Modern, 80 mm.

Wood-aluminum doors – product lines

In the case of wooden and aluminum doors, the customer can choose one of three product lines – Classic, Modern or Art. These variants differ from each other in the appearance of the glazing rebate (in inward opening structures), as well as in the appearance of the glazing bead (in outward opening doors).

Sash glazing rim variants.
Variants of glazing beads available in the wood-aluminium Patio HST.

Profile thicknesses in wooden and aluminum doors

Wooden and aluminum entrance doors are available in two thicknesses: 68 and 80 mm. For both variants, all of the above-mentioned product lines can be used. The graphic below shows a wood-aluminum door that opens inwards and outwards. In the examples presented, the Weser threshold and Quadrat cladding were used.

Wooden-aluminum doors – types of cladding

Cladding of renowned brands – Aluron and Gutmann – are used in the wooden-aluminum entrance doors offered by MS Okna i Drzwi.

The following types of Aluron cladding are available for both inward and outward opening structures:

  • Classic,
  • Retro,
  • Quadrat,
  • Quadrat FB,
  • Linear.

In turn, the range of Gutmann cladding in wooden and aluminum doors includes the following variants:

  • Mira R5,
  • Mira Contour VFM,
  • Mira Contour,
  • Mira Contour FB.

The color palette of aluminum door claddings includes, among others RAL shades, metallic options, as well as wood-like decors.

The graphics below show an example of Aluron Quadrat in inward and outward opening structures.

Models of panels for wood-aluminum doors

Below are visualizations of sample Aluron aluminum panels in ThermalDoor MS doors with aluminum cladding. As in the case of ED doors, also the panel structures can be double-leafed or combined with upper and side transoms. It is also possible to make a door based on the customer’s design.

Wood-aluminum door shapes

Typical wood-aluminum doors have a rectangular shape. However, you can decide to order the joinery in a non-standard form . The availability of individual shapes – e.g. a circle, a trapezoid, a triangle, an arc or an ellipse – depends on the technological possibilities of a specific type of structure and aluminum cladding. Due to this fact, before placing an order, it is always worth consulting with the technologists from MS Windows and Doors.

Types of wood and available varnish coatings

In the case of wooden and aluminum entrance doors, the same types and colors of wood are available as in other products from the MS Windows and Doors offer. It is also worth mentioning the almost unlimited possibilities of varnishing aluminum claddings. This allows for the production of woodwork that fully meets the preferences of its future user.

Accessories for wooden and aluminum doors

As a standard, wooden-aluminum doors are equipped in the same way as the FD terrace doors, as well as the wooden entrance door ED. The use of high-class components ensures that these structures function reliably, and in addition, their appearance perfectly harmonizes with the interior and building finish. The standard elements of equipment include, among others fittings for wooden-aluminum doors , silicone , seals for wooden structures , wooden panels and ThermalDoor MS door panels . To increase the functionality of the door, you can choose to use optional components. These include door handles, handles in colors matching the window accessories or made of stainless steel, anti-burglary signs and handles, door closers, and visors.

Fillings and thresholds for wooden and aluminum doors

In wooden and aluminum entrance doors, the following functions can be used as filling:

When it comes to the threshold, the customer can also choose from several variants. The photos below show examples of 80 mm door options with Quadrat cladding.

Wood and aluminum doors opening inwards with a glass insert. Frets presented: Weser, GG (Combi) and also BKV.

Outward opening structures with a glass insert. Fret options: Weser and BKV.

Inward opening wooden / aluminum door with a flat panel. Three variants of the threshold: Weser, GG (Combi) and BKV.

Wooden and aluminum doors opening inwards with a decorative panel and thresholds: Weser, GG (Combi) and also BKV.

Inward opening structures with ThermalDoor MS plate. Visible frets: Weser, GG (Combi) and BKV.

Wooden / aluminum door with outward opening with a flat panel. Frets used: Weser, BKV.

Outward opening structures with a decorative panel. Frets shown: Weser and BKV.

Timber-aluminum door opening outwards with ThermalDoor MS plate. Thresholds visible in the graphics: Weser and BKV.

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