Wooden entrance door

Solidly made wooden entrance doors increase the sense of comfort and safety for the residents of the house. Thanks to the matching design and colors to the facade, they positively affect the aesthetic value of the building. Thanks to the use of components tailored to the customer’s needs, the structures from the MS Okna i Drzwi offer guarantee that all requirements are met.

Characteristics of the ED front door

Basic functions that the front door must fulfill:

  • visual – the structure decorates the main facade of the house, it affects the appearance of the entire building. Due to this, its finish must match the other doors and windows;
  • thermal – the door is designed to increase thermal comfort, i.e. to prevent cold air from penetrating inside, and at the same time to prevent heat from escaping outside;
  • insulating – protection against the ingress of water and wind into the room;
  • acoustic – the door is a barrier between the interior and the exterior, protects the house against excessive noise;
  • security – protection against the intrusion of undesirable persons.

Features of Entrance Doors:

  • wooden or wood-aluminum ;
  • frame or plate ;
  • opening outwards or inwards;
  • with a standard glazing bead (one-sided, as in windows) or a double-sided “pipe” bead (LFO);
  • possible to be made as “Stable Doors” , ie double-leaf structures with a horizontally movable post;
  • single or double leaf;
  • the possibility of using top or side skylights in various configurations;
  • available in three thicknesses – 68, 80 and 92 mm;
  • the maximum width of a single-leaf door is 1.2 m, and a double-leaf door is 2.1 m;
  • possibility of making doors or upper arched skylights;
  • availability of wooden panels, muntin bars, as well as lacings;
  • they have fittings for wooden doors ensuring comfort and safety;
  • a wide range of threshold solutions;
  • woodwork finish, types of wood and colors of fittings perfectly match other doors and windows.

Entrance Doors models

Below are examples of single-leaf door frame models. They can also be made in a double-leaf variant, as well as in various combinations with upper and side lights. The machine park at MS Okna i Drzwi and extensive experience also allow for the execution of the order according to the customer’s design, but after prior technical consultation.

Variants of wooden entrance doors

Wooden entrance doors can be divided into outward and inward opening. The graphics below show both solutions in the Modern product line in the 92 mm-thick version, with Gutmann Weser thresholds (opening inwards) and Aluron ATD (opening outwards).

Wooden entrance door opening inwards

Wooden entrance door opening outwards

Frame and plate doors

The graphics below show both types of inward opening doors in the Modern product line with the GG Combi threshold (20 mm). In the case of the frame version, the thickness of the leaf and frame is 92 mm, while in the ThermalDoor MS panel option – 80 mm.

Wooden doors with a standard and double-sided strip

The photos show the differences between a standard glazing bead (one-sided, as in windows) and a double-sided “pipe” bead (LFO).

Wooden entrance doors – product lines

Regardless of the selected glazing bead, wooden entrance doors are available in the following product lines: Modern, Soft, Art, Old and Classic.

One-sided slat

Wooden entrance door product lines available

Both-sided pipe trim LFO

In this case, the frame looks identical to the one-sided slat. This means that the external and internal milling of the frame as well as the external milling of the sash looks as shown in the picture above. The difference can be noticed in the internal profiling of the sash and the double-sided strips.

remark! In the profiles of the Classic, Art, Old and Modern lines, corresponding strips are used as standard. The difference is in the Soft profile – external and internal milling of the frames and external sashes are the same as in the Soft product line (shown in the sketch above), but the standard Art . If the customer would like to choose the Soft skirting board, this should be clearly stated when placing the order.

Variants of a double-sided glazing bead in wooden doors

Division of ED doors due to the thickness of the profiles

Entrance Doors wooden doors are available in three thicknesses: 68, 80 and 92 mm. Each option is available in five variants of product lines. The graphic below shows a cross-section of a structure from the Modern line, 92 mm thick, with a Weser threshold in an inward opening door and an ATD threshold in an outward opening door.

Wooden doors with a standard one-sided slat

Cross-section of a wooden door with a one-sided slat

Wooden doors with a double-sided lath

Cross-section of a wooden door with a double-sided lath

Functions and shapes of ED front doors

Standard wooden entrance doors are rectangular in shape. They are available in single and double-leaf versions. They can also take other shapes, e.g. arc. As in the case of FD terrace doors, it also illuminates the entrance door, in addition to rectangular or arched shapes, they can have the form of ellipses, trapeziums, triangles, etc. It is also possible to use lacings, wooden muntins and wooden door panels .

Types of movable mullion in wooden doors

Wooden double-leaf entrance doors are made of the so-called movable post. In this type of construction, after opening both sashes, no element restricts the passage clearance. The movable post from the MS Okna i Drzwi offer is available in two variants:

  • standard version with one handle placed on the active sash – up / down cantrives are used to lock the inactive sash, and unlocking is done with a handle,
  • optional variant with two handles (one on the active sash and the other on the passive sash). In this solution, opening of each of the leaves takes place after turning the handle.

Wood and available varnish coatings

In the case of wooden entrance doors, several types of wood are available and an extensive color palette , including azure and numerous opaque colors. As a result, the structures blend in perfectly with the facade of the building, as well as other doors and windows used.

Standard equipment of ED entrance doors

As standard, the same components are used in ED entrance doors as in the case of French Doors patio doors. These include fittings for wooden doors , silicone , seals for wooden structures and wooden door panels .

Thresholds for wooden entrance doors

Several types of thresholds can be used in wooden entrance doors, which allows the customer to obtain the optimal solution. The following graphics show frame doors from the Modern product line (profile thickness: 92 mm) with exemplary thresholds.

  • Wooden door opening inwards (with one-sided glazing bead) – aluminum threshold Gutmann Weser (32 mm), low threshold GG Combi (20 mm) and low aluminum threshold BKV (20 mm).
  • Wooden doors opening inwards (with a double-sided LFO pipe strip) – aluminum threshold Gutmann Weser (32 mm), low threshold GG Combi (20 mm) and low aluminum threshold BKV (20 mm).
  • Wooden door opening outwards (with a one-sided glazing bead) – Aluron ATD aluminum threshold (32 mm) and a low aluminum BKV threshold (20 mm).
  • Wooden door opening outwards (with a LFO bilateral pipe strip) – Aluron ATD aluminum threshold (32 mm) and a low aluminum BKV threshold (20 mm).

Stable Doors wooden door

At first glance, the Stable Doors look like standard single-leaf structures. However, there is an important difference between these solutions. Stable Doors are double-leaf doors with a horizontal movable mullion. Sections of this type of inward and outward opening structures are presented in the graphic below.

Cross-section of Stable Doors

The use of a horizontal movable post means that the upper sash can open independently of the lower sash.

White Stable Doors

Stable Doors are perfect for rustic-style real estate, country houses, summer cottages, as well as buildings stylized as modern barns. Many people also choose them for more contemporary designs. For example, these structures are used as kitchen doors that allow access from the room to the terrace or backyard. This practical solution allows the upper half of the door to be opened while the lower half remains closed. Additionally, it is possible to open both leaves simultaneously – as in standard single-leaf constructions.

This type of solution is ideal for people who want to control children or animals playing in the garden, monitor the entrances and exits of the property or prevent the residents from leaving the house while ensuring the supply of fresh air inside. Stable Doors can open outwards or inwards, as illustrated in the diagrams below.

Stable Doors wooden door

Accessories for wooden entrance doors

In order to increase the functionality of the wooden entrance door, it is possible to equip the structure with the following accessories:

  • door handles in a finish corresponding to the color of window handles or made of stainless steel,
  • handles and anti-burglary escutcheons,
  • door handles,
  • visors,
  • door closers.

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