How to prepare windows for winter?

Take care of your windows and see if they can cope with freezing temperatures and gales. To enjoy home warmth, all it takes is a little attention and some uncomplicated maintenance. If you get them done in time for the arrival of frost, you can avoid costly heat losses. See when and how you can prepare your windows and doors for winter yourself, and when you need the help of a professional.

Window cleaning – do it wisely!

It all starts with a thorough cleaning of windows – glass panes and frames, on which dust, cobwebs or the so-called civilization pollution typical for industrialized regions and urban agglomerations. Comprehensive cleaning also includes hardware and gaskets, so it’s a great opportunity to take a closer look at everything. It’s a good idea to choose weather that’s good for washing so you don’t nullify your own efforts and cause accidental damage.

The most important rule of thumb is – don’t clean your windows in freezing or very sunny weather. It’s best to choose a dry, cloudy day so your work will be more effective. The sun causes the water with the liquid to dry too quickly, resulting in unsightly streaks that grow larger over time. The use of certain cleaning agents may cause discolouration or damage the protective coatings used in the production of the profiles. So don’t use strong detergents or rough scrubbers – if you don’t have access to dedicated glass and frame cleaning products, use plain dishwashing liquid or soapy water and a soft sponge or cloth. If you are not satisfied with the final result, use “grandma’s method” – water with vinegar in the proportion of 2 teaspoons per ¼ l of water, which you can spray from a bottle equipped with a sprayer. Polishing glass is then extremely easy – a microfibre cloth, nylon tights or a simple newspaper will wipe off small smudges and make the glass shine like new.

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Lubricate the hardware

Robust window hardware used by reputable manufacturers requires little maintenance. After cleaning the windows it is worth to apply the previously purchased specialist agents, e.g. silicone lubricant which is supposed to protect the hardware against corrosion and reduce friction. The lubricant should be applied in small amounts at the contact points of the hardware components, and any excess should be removed immediately. If you are not sure which product to buy, please contact your nearest Showroom.

Adjust the windows

Modern window systems should open and close easily and not resist or sag. Therefore, already when opening them before washing, make sure you don’t have a problem with this. Difficulties with opening and closing or sash sagging is a clear signal to call in a specialist who will check the condition of the hardware and perform the appropriate adjustments.

Each window and balcony door is equipped with points for their adjustment, i.e. increasing or decreasing the degree of pressing the sash to the frame. Their dysregulation results from gravitational forces to which the window sashes are subjected, as well as the reaction of the material (PVC, wood, aluminium) to the changing temperature in the room and outside. As a result, the system may lose its airtightness and ventilation functions. This is why we attach great importance to correct window adjustment.

Professional window replacement.

The method of adjustment should be found in the manufacturer’s instructions or warranty book. If your windows are still within the guarantee period, have them adjusted by specialists – trained service technicians from the showrooms where the windows were purchased.

Check condition of gaskets

For new windows, the gaskets should do their job perfectly. However, over time they can lose their elasticity, so check for cracks or deformities when washing. If so, they should be replaced with new ones – ideally ordered from the manufacturer’s showroom, as the gaskets vary in shape and size and need to fit perfectly. For example, a gasket for wooden windows has a different structure than a gasket for aluminium profiles, and in some PVC systems (apart from standard gaskets located in the sash and frame rebate) there is an additional third gasket, significantly improving thermal insulation parameters of window, balcony and terrace systems. Most of our PVC window systems are equipped with this additional gasket.

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Plan your window inspection

A large number of windows to service takes up a lot of time that many people with busy working lives cannot afford, and with the amount of other work around the house it is easy to forget. If you have a house with modern windows, a large patio then even in the post-warranty period at least once a year you should use the services of specialists – cooperating with us.

It is good practice to set aside one month a year to initiate work to prepare your home for winter. In your telephone or traditional calendar, alongside the slogans “furnace service” or “chimney inspection”, it is worth writing down the new: “warm windows”. It will mean it’s time to clean the windows and call for service technicians. This regular maintenance will ensure that the windows in your home work perfectly and that your family will enjoy the warmth of home when the cold or autumn weather sets in.

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