We choose a window for the bedroom. What to remember?

Quite often we do not realize how important windows are in a bedroom. After all, it is in bed that we spend 1/3 of our lives. Therefore, to further improve the comfort of our sleep, you should remember about a few important issues when choosing bedroom windows. We will suggest what to look for?

When choosing a bedroom window, choose silence

When we talk about a bedroom area, the first thought that comes to mind is a comfortable bed – and rightly so. However, this is half the battle, because the only thing we lack for complete happiness is adequate silencing of the room. Before deciding on the choice of bedroom windows, let’s check noise reduction coefficient. This parameter is used to define how a glazed unit damps the sound. The bedroom window should effectively isolate noise from outside. Especially if we live in the city center or our windows face the street where cars drive 24 hours a day. The bedroom is also a place of our regeneration after a hard day, our oasis of peace. This is where we want to ensure a sense of intimacy and comfort. To achieve such conditions, we can use external window covers, such as mSun facade blinds or more Solutions roller shutters.

Large window in the bedroom.
The noise reduction coefficient is an important parameter that should be taken into account when choosing windows for the bedroom.

Take care of the supply of fresh air

Providing access to fresh air in the place where we rest is of great importance. Fresh air promotes well-being, has a beneficial effect on blood pressure and heart rate, and even helps you digest better. We do not think we need to give more arguments in favor of properly selected windows in the bedroom. If we want to have an impact on the quality of our sleep and well-being, remember to check whether the window will have, for example, the possibility of microventilation. This means that the access of air is provided through the gap between the frame and the sash. If we do not like opening windows too often, we are afraid of drafts, excessive cooling of the room or noise from the street, we can think about trickle vents. Various models of them are available on the market. As a rule, they differ in the method of control and acoustic insulation. Another option may be summer-winter night vent. This clever, small and invisible from the outside hardware element, when positioned in the right position, will adjust the amount of air entering the bedroom.

White window in the bedroom.
Before choosing the joinery for the bedroom, let’s check whether the window will have the possibility of microventilation, as well as the option of full opening and tilting.

A bedroom with a wide perspective

If the architectural design of our house allows the use of large terrace solution in the bedroom – let’s decide on this step. A bedroom with a terrace and large glazing is like an “American dream”. Large, glass structures will help to better arrange the room. Our room will be a modern interior and will open up to the space. For example, the application of Patio HST lift and slide door with the possibility of choosing several opening schemes, will make the bedroom a unique character. Patio door will allow to save more space on the terrace or balcony. Thanks to the construction possibilities of Patio HST, we will not take up space in the bedroom unnecessarily. Choosing from more than 40 colours of veneers will help us to arrange the room even better. The colour palette offers wood-like veneers, classic, various shades of anthracite, inspiring grays or aluminium equivalents. Modern handles complement it.

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Dark windows in the bedroom.
Large-size windows in the bedroom look very impressive, give the interior a unique character and modern design.

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