What mistakes when choosing windows is it better not to make?

The list of mistakes that we can make when choosing windows is long. This is due to the lack of professional knowledge, failure to use the services of a professional showroom or installation commissioned by an unqualified team. We present the most common mistakes that can happen when choosing windows.

Remember the parameters to avoid mistakes

Choosing windows for the style of the house is an important issue, but not the most important. The window parameters play the first fiddle here. Sometimes we focus too much on the colour of the joinery, ignoring the important factors. It is worth paying more attention to them if we care about the comfort of the household. The most important parameters are the heat transfer coefficient and the noise reduction coefficient. What do they inform about? The heat transfer coefficient (Uw) informs us how much heat will be transferred from the building through the windows. Therefore, the lower the coefficient, the better. In practice, this means that the use of a window involves low heat loss and ensures an optimal temperature in the room. The second parameter to look out for is the noise reduction coefficient (Rw). The Rw parameter is used to determine the extent to which a glazed unit dampens a sound. This factor indicates the difference between external and internal noise.

Detached house with white windows and roller shutters.
Omitting the check of parameters important for the joinery can be a serious mistake when choosing windows.

The purpose of the room is an important issue

Do all the windows we order for our house have to be the same? Of course not. Failure to take into account the purpose of the rooms in the house, can become another mistake when choosing joinery. For example, in the bathroom or kitchen, that is, in rooms exposed to high humidity, it is worth thinking about windows with a special summer-winter night vent. Setting this element in the right position will adjust the amount of air in the interior. In a child’s room , you can consider installing joinery with a safe glazed unit or a Hoppe handle with a button or a key . On the other hand, the windows in the bedroom can be equipped with a glazed unit, which will effectively protect us from noises coming from the outside.

Balcony windows in the bedroom.
When choosing bedroom windows, it is worth thinking about the use of a glazed unit that protects against noise. Especially if the bedroom windows are facing a busy street.

Lack of knowledge of the new construction law

At the beginning of January 2021, new regulations on joinery entered into force in Poland. Significant changes concern the energy efficiency of buildings. The new law sets out the requirements for the heat transfer coefficient, which for vertical windows has been reduced from 1.1 W/m²K to 0.9 W/m²K. The regulations apply to investors who received a building permit in 2021. Customers who decided to build a house this year and chose windows from the MS offer can sleep peacefully. Our joinery meets all the requirements of the new law.

Black windows.
MS joinery meets all the standards provided for in construction law, which entered into force at the beginning of 2021.

Hiring the wrong construction team

If you decide to buy joinery, we recommend using the service of a professional showroom, then you will avoid mistakes when choosing windows. A trained trader will tell you what elements to equip the windows to serve you for years. The sales staff will certainly adapt the offer to your expectations and take into account all needs. In addition, you will not have to worry about hiring an assembly team and on your own check if the builders have the appropriate training in assembly.

Is it worth buying windows with assembly?

Installation of MS windows.
Using a professional construction team will avoid problems associated with incorrect installation of windows.

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