What to look for when buying external roller blinds?

External roller shutters not only protect the interior of the house from excessive sunlight, but also protect it from excessive heating in summer or cooling in winter. Their proper selection is also quite important. So how do you choose roller shutters? What to pay special attention to when buying? We have gathered some useful information for you.

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Structure and quality of the lamellas

One of the basic considerations when choosing roller shutters is the stiffness of the lamella armor and their resistance to wind. This is due to several factors:

  • how thick is the wall of the lamellas,
  • what kind of foam and what density has it been filled (i.e. how much it slows down heat transfer),
  • whether it has one-sided or two-sided grooves,
  • how precisely the lamella locks fit.

The better the parameters of the lamellas and the stiffness of their armor, the more durable the shutter will be, it will be more wind resistant and it will provide better thermal insulation.

The roller shutters produced by MS more than WINDOW are made of double grooved slats, the basic element of which is an aluminum profile filled with warm polyurethane foam. Thanks to this, our roller shutters not only provide impressive thermal and acoustic insulation, but also function properly even in the wind blowing at a speed of 113 km / h!

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The quality of the slats is a key issue when choosing external roller shutters

Colors available

An equally important aspect is the available colors and the technology of varnishing the blinds and the films used for their production. They affect how long the roller blinds will keep their color, whether they will not fade or not, and whether they are susceptible to scratching.

The varnishes with which the roller blinds are covered should ensure a high degree of color and gloss retention, and the films are designed to protect the lamellas against the destructive effects of heat and UV radiation.

It is also important that the elements connected to the window frame, such as guides, end strip or revision, have the same color as the roller shutters, and preferably the same veneer. Therefore, it is worth buying windows and roller shutters from the same manufacturer that wraps these elements on their own.

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The color of the roller shutters should match the building facade

Drive and type of control

Another important element that we should pay attention to when choosing external roller shutters is the drive used in them. Make sure that it has functions that protect the roller shutter against damage, such as overload detection and obstacle detection .

The type of hanger used is of great importance: whether it is articulated or soft. In order for the overload detection and obstacle detection functions to function properly, it must be an articulated hanger . Additionally, such a hanger prevents the roller blind from being lifted during an attempted break-in.

The method of controlling the blinds should also be taken into account. It can be a button, a remote control, as well as an application on a smartphone that allows you to create scenarios and thus automate the operation of roller shutters. Thanks to this, they can become the key point of the “smart home” system .

It is worth choosing drives from reputable manufacturers, known for many years on the market, because it is a guarantee of many years of reliability and continuity of production. Unfortunately, there are more and more cheap, low-quality drives that refuse to obey shortly after the warranty period. Branded drives, on the other hand, can work without failure even over 10 years.

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Type of building and additional elements

Finally, you should also consider the type of roller shutter installation that will best suit your home or apartment. You can choose from:

  • compact roller blinds (or top-mounted roller shutters) with boxes filled with polystyrene or warmer neopor,
  • external adaptive roller shutters for installation on the facade or in the window recess,
  • Hybrid concealed roller shutters with an aluminum or PVC revision located outside.

The quality of the assembly is of great importance and whether, for example, compact boxes are equipped with static consoles ensuring proper stiffness and functioning of the windows.

When buying roller shutters, we should also make sure whether additional options are possible, for example an integrated mosquito net or system elements that will allow for trouble-free and aesthetic installation of other types of mosquito nets.

Roller shutters can be mounted under the plaster

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