Dark windows. 5 most fashionable colours

Joinery in dark colours fits both traditional and modern construction. We present the five most fashionable dark colours of windows that will make the entire building consistent in terms of colours. We can easily choose the shade of the facade, garage door or roller shutters for dark windows.

Dark window colours – anthracite shades

Windows in dark anthracite colours will suit single-family houses, as well as office buildings and public facilities. Anthracite joinery looks good in combination with various types of facades. This universal colour can be combined with wood, concrete, brick, stone with various patterns. That is why anthracite, dark window colours are so often chosen by investors. MS offers anthracite veneers in two versions: with a clear wood structure and with a satin surface.

Get to know all the window colours from the MS beyond WINDOWS offer.

Dark windows in anthracite colour.
The anthracite-coloured windows contrast very well with the light facade and wood elements.

Graphite Schiefergrau matt

Schiefergrau matt is a dark graphite colour. Exceptionally pleasant to the touch veneer is a proposition not only for modern construction. Joinery in this dark colour looks surprisingly good in combination with a light facade or with elements of brick or wood. Dark colours of windows and doors in a matte finish are gaining more and more supporters. The proven quality of dark gray veneers makes it not only a fashionable but also a very practical choice.

Colour Schiefergrau matt
Schiefergrau matt

Elegant Anthrazitgrau Satin

Another dark colour is Anthrazitgrau Satin. This is another veneer that can be successfully chosen by investors who want to receive elegant and subdued joinery. This colour leaves a lot of space for accessories and interior design accents in more expressive versions. What’s more, the profiles in the Anthrazitgrau Satin colour are so decorative that they do not need curtains.

Colour Anthrazitgrau Satin
Anthrazitgrau Satin

Fashionable colour Jet Black matt

The deep black of the Jet Black matt veneer has recently become a real hit. This bold and original proposal will be perfect for post-industrial and loft-style buildings. The veneer with a deep, intense shade of black will harmonize well with raw plaster, wood or a brick wall. It should be emphasized that the veneer was made in a special technology. Thanks to it, dark frames and sashes are protected against overheating, even on very sunny days. The veneer itself does not fade, and also does not change its shade.

See why you should have black windows.

ALU LOOK windows in a dark colour.
ALU LOOK windows in Jet Black Matt veneer.

Inspirational Alux DB

The Alux DB colour is a proposal created for fans of cool industrial design. Inspired by cool aluminium, the veneer surprises with the depth of colour and the surface structure resembling galvanized metal. The porous structure looks perfect on large-size windows. Windows in the Alux DB veneer fit into thoroughly modern buildings and those kept in a loft style.

MSline+ dark windows - colour Alux DB.
MSline+ windows in Alux DB colour.

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