Total black woodwork. Why is it worth having black windows?

Black windows appear more and more often and more willingly in architectural designs. From year to year, the group of their enthusiasts is growing, both among designers and private investors. Where does such popularity come from? And how to choose woodwork elements to compose a total black window?

Black windows – popular and stylish

Black windows are currently very popular among architects. They can be seen in numerous modern projects. No wonder, because buildings and interiors with dark-colored woodwork look aesthetically and elegantly. What else can testify to the popularity of black windows, e.g. such as a model ALU LOOK or MSline + ? Black window profiles will be perfect for bold projects, giving them a futuristic style. This solution fits well in industrial interiors , because it perfectly harmonizes with raw concrete or brick. We can successfully use them in bright interiors – the combination of black and white will create an interior in a classic style. In addition, dark-colored windows emphasize the shape of the building and provide a wide range of arrangement options. Very often, such woodwork is chosen by investors who build a house in the style of a modern barn. The design then includes the use of large glazing with thin, black frames. The building takes on a truly modern character and perfectly harmonizes with wooden or tin elements of the facade. The traditional style also loves black woodwork, especially in combination with muntins and a facade in shades of white or beige. If you want to learn more about windows for a modern barn, be sure to read the post: What windows to choose for a modern barn .

Black windows in the living room
Joinery in Jet Black matt color matches interiors decorated in a modern style.

Do black PVC windows get hot?

Obtaining the unique effect of deep black is possible thanks to the use of Jet Black matt veneer. This color proposal is one of over 40 films that we offer as part of a wide range of colors. The veneer is distinguished by a matte finish, and its structure resembles an orange peel to the touch. It is worth emphasizing that the dark color does not adversely affect practical matters. The foil was created in such a way that no impurities are visible on it. What’s more, when touched, there are no unsightly fingerprints on it. Jet Black matt guarantees an interesting visual effect. The veneer was made in a special technology – CC + ( Cool Colors PLUS ). As a result, the black profiles are protected against excessive heating – also in the summer season. You should also not be concerned about the durability of the foil. During use, the veneer does not fade and its color remains the same. To obtain the best aesthetic effect, the core of the profile covered with Jet black matt foil is colored gray in the mass. As a result, even when you open the window, you cannot see a white color. Undoubtedly, this has a positive effect on the aesthetics of the woodwork.

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Living room with large black glazing.
Large black windows blend in perfectly with wooden elements of interior design.
Black windows in the dining room.
The combination of black woodwork with bright interiors and dark accessories makes the room not overwhelming.

Black windows and details

Fully black windows can be obtained with the black TOULON window handle equipped with the Secustic system . The angular shape will give the woodwork a modern look. The element is covered with a matte, dirt-resistant coating. Here again, a nod to practicality. We can also perfectly choose the color of the inter-pane frames. The offer includes a black CHROMATECH ultra frame. In addition to a positive effect on aesthetic values, it also provides protection against excessive heat loss. It is also worth mentioning one more interesting solution – hidden fittings . The lack of visible hinges will result in completely black windows.

Black Toulon handle with black windows.
The black Toulon handle is covered with a special matte coating that protects the surface from dirt.

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