Glamor style windows

Baroque interiors, full of splendor, extravagant accessories, expensive materials and furniture, and the ubiquitous gold, are mainly associated with the homes of the rich or celebrities. However, there are also fans of such aesthetics outside these circles. We advise on how to choose windows for glamor-style interiors.

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Characteristics of the glamor style

Glamor is one of the classic styles, drawing on the baroque tradition. What distinguishes him from other styles in this category is his passion for a wealth of accessories and impressive decorations.

The glamor style dates back to the first half of the 20th century and the times of the Golden Age of Hollywood. It was then that movie stars began to imitate the aesthetics known from films about monarchs and aristocrats in their residences. This splendor was to emphasize the fabulous wealth of contemporary celebrities.

When choosing accessories for a glamor style, it is very easy to overdo it and fall into kitsch, which is why today it is a bit more subdued. It does not dazzle so much with satiety and splendor, but rather uses modern forms that combine with the old baroque aesthetics. Thus, minimalist, simple furniture can, for example, be combined with richly decorated lamps or works of art.

A glamor-style decor should be classic, so you should avoid, for example, paintings with contemporary art, modern technological solutions or industrial colors. The glamor style is dominated by “noble” colors: gold, silver, platinum – these are the most common decorative elements. To emphasize them, the color of the walls and ceilings can be lighter, cream or subtle pink or purple.

Glamor style

Windows matching the glamor style

The glamor style is very expressive, so you should carefully choose the window joinery that suits it.

As glamor and rich decorations dominate the glamor style, this is also how windows should be. Therefore, it is worth considering the installation of wooden joinery . Wood is a very plastic material that allows the implementation of even the most extravagant projects – windows of unusual shapes and sizes , as well as finished with attention to the smallest decorative details.

“Standard” rectangular windows may be too common for a glamorous setting. Therefore, a good solution will be to install designer arched or round windows . A popular and interesting shape is also the so-called “buffalo eye”. Skylights above the windows can also be an interesting accessory that looks elegant and classic.

The interior in the glamor style will perfectly match the muntin bars – both in the glued-on and structural versions. In addition, all decorations are welcome – decorative spines , heads or feet .

The color of the windows should correspond to the color of the walls and ceilings. Classic white shades will look elegant and universal. Rather, modern, industrial and metallic colors should be avoided, such as the popular anthracite.

The interior in a glamor style

How to decorate windows in a glamor style?

The windows themselves are not everything – the accessories surrounding them are equally important.

A classic line of metal handles – brass or steel – will perfectly match the glamor style. The modern design of plastic handles will rather clash with the traditional character of the woodwork. For bolder projects, you can choose two-arm handles, resembling an anchor.

The color of the handles should match the color of the rest of the accessories. So gold or silver will suit.

Modern external covers in the form of roller shutters or facade blinds will rather clash with the traditional woodwork design. Therefore, a much better solution will be to use large curtains made of thick, heavy material.

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