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How to properly ventilate the apartment?

Ventilating a house or apartment allows you to get rid of moisture and its negative effects. In addition to regular opening of windows, it is worth using accessories that support air exchange.

Okna w stylu hampton

American convenience. Hammpton style windows

The Hamptons are part of Long Island, located near New York. It is also a picturesque seaside resort where busy Americans like to spend their free time. This is where the characteristic style of interior design was born. Which windows fit it?

Okna w stylu glamour

Glamor style windows

Baroque interiors, full of splendor, extravagant accessories, expensive materials and furniture, and the ubiquitous gold, are mainly associated with the homes of the rich or celebrities. However, there are also fans of such aesthetics outside these circles. We advise on how to choose windows for glamor-style interiors.

Rozmieszczenie okien w mieszkaniu

Arrangement of windows and the sides of the world

When choosing windows for a house or apartment, we focus on their design, which is to match the planned interior design, as well as their technical parameters. However, we often forget to establish in advance the directions of the world to which these windows overlook. And we should take them into account, because they inform us at what times of the day and to what extent a given room will be insolated.

Wybór klamki do okna.

How to choose window handles?

After selecting the window joinery that matches our house or apartment, we still have to make a decision about the door handles. They perform not only a practical but also an aesthetic function and affect the safety of windows. Hence, you should carefully consider which model to choose. We advise what to look for when buying.

okna dla niepełnosprawnych

Adaptation of windows to the needs of people with disabilities

Adapting a home to the needs of people with disabilities requires thoughtful actions and matching appropriate solutions to the needs of users. Fortunately, window joinery manufacturers offer a number of options that can ensure the comfort and freedom of using their products. It is worth thinking about them already at the design stage of the house.

Dom pasywny

Passive windows, which are what?

In an era of frenzied energy prices soaring, more and more emphasis is placed on optimizing living and housing costs. Hence, there is a growing interest in the category of passive houses, as well as appropriate windows adapted to this type of investment.

Entrance door – what should you know before buying?

When finishing the house, you need to make some important decisions regarding the joinery. In addition to choosing the right set of windows, you also need to consider the entrance door. After all, it is a choice for years, so the purchased door should not only be aesthetic, but also functional and durable.

The history of windows – part III

The third installment in our series of articles on the history of windows. Earlier, we managed to present and discuss trends in architecture and door and window joinery up to the second half of the 19th century. Today, however, we will focus on the times from the beginning of the 20th century to the present day.

Rustic house

Windows for a house in a rustic style

The hustle and bustle of everyday life, noise and hustle and bustle of modern, crowded cities as well as the rush of modern life mean that when looking for relaxation, we more and more often design our home enclaves in a style that evokes rural idyll. This trend in architecture is described as rustic, and window joinery plays a very important role in it.

What to look for when buying a patio door?

Choosing patio doors is a real challenge. After all, they are to serve for many years. So you need to conduct an analysis of what type we need and what solution the conditions at home allow us to install. Then you should get acquainted with the technical parameters of options available on the market.

How to protect home from the heat?

Summer is in full swing. The sun shines brightly in the sky, warming the ground and causing temperatures to begin to exceed comfortable levels. How to protect home or flat from the heat? And what impact can window joinery have on this?

The history of windows – part II

We continue our series of articles on the history of windows. Previously, we covered the period from antiquity to the middle ages. Today, however, we will describe the most important window trends present in architecture from the Renaissance to the second half of the 19th century.

Patio HST in golden oak color

Golden oak windows – closer to nature

Not only traditional wooden joinery, but also PVC windows can bring our interiors closer to nature and give them a warm, forest charm. For this to happen, you just need to choose one of the many available wood-like veneers and then enjoy their natural beauty. Golden oak is the leader among this color palette.

Designer windows

The wealth of arrangement options that can be obtained thanks to modern windows allows you to create interiors with a unique atmosphere. High-quality window joinery, made with attention to the smallest details, can be an important decorative element and emphasize the character of even the most demanding designer room.

The history of windows – part I

A series of texts in which we will present the history of windows. We will start with the very beginnings of civilization and the first human settlements, and end with modern times. In the first article, we discuss windows from antiquity to the middle ages.

Pęknięta szyba okienna

What to do when the double glazing breaks in the window?

A broken glass in a window can be due to a number of reasons. Most often they are accidental mechanical damage, but sometimes it happens spontaneously. Why is this happening? What to do when you notice such a crack in your window? How can you possibly prevent them?

Dekoracja okien w salonie

The decor and decoration of the windows in the living room

The living room is the most representative room in a house or apartment, where the household members usually spend the most time. While often attention is paid to the arrangement of furniture or the design of the room itself, so much time is not spent on windows. And it’s worth it, because properly decorated, they can affect the mood, aesthetics and reception of the salon.

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