Myths about large glazings

Large glazings sometimes raise investors’ doubts. The most common concerns relate to the functionality and safety of large-size windows. Is it right? We debunk a few myths that have arisen around large glazings.

MYTH: Heat escapes through large-size windows

FACT: It seems that after deciding to install large-size windows, we will be exposed to large heat losses and high heating costs. Nothing could be more wrong. In large windows, it is not difficult to achieve high insulation, because the glass has a better heat transfer coefficient than the frame material. If we add to this, as in the case of Patio HST 82, a low and warm EcoPass threshold (height 15 mm), a SUPERtermo glazed unit with the warmest THERMOBAR spacer bars, we will achieve a heat transfer coefficient of Ud = 0.78 W/m²K (for the construction 3500 x 2180 mm) . The SUPERtermo 0.5 thermal insulation glazed unit consists of three panes of glass. The spaces between them are filled with argon. The panes, from the inside, are covered with the new low thermal emissivity coating ClimaGuard® Premium2,which allows solar radiation to enter the room. Importantly, at the same time it reflects infrared radiation emitted e.g. by heating. This reduces the heat transfer to the outside.

Exit to the terrace.
Large glazings are a successful combinations of a house and a terrace.

MYTH: Large glazings = higher risk of burglary

FACT: Some people think that through large-format windows, the thief has an easier way to break into our house. Is it really so? If we decide to have windows with an anti-burglary package, we can sleep well. The large lift and slide doors Patio HST 82 are equipped with perfect SIEGENIA hardware. Therefore, the closed, i.e. lowered on threshold and bolted HST door sash (also in the micro-ventilation position), due to its weight and the bolt system, is an obstacle that is virtually insurmountable for a burglar. The hardware will also be supplemented with anti-burglary glass of P4A class. They consist of two 4 mm glass panes glued together with 4 layers of PVB foil. Due to the four layers of foil, these panes are difficult to break even when broken (which is not easy). The use of a handle with a key in the windows will provide additional protection against burglary.

See how we produce large windows.

Large glazings in the house
When choosing lift and slide doors with an anti-burglary package, we do not have to worry about burglary.

MYTH: Large glazings are hard to open

FACT: It is true that huge glass structures can weigh up to 300 kg, but the use of appropriate supporting mechanisms makes the use of the HST sash child’s play. Convenient sliding of the active sashes is possible thanks to the bogie wheels. In the case of Patio HST 82 and Patio HST 76, the door is moved by bogie wheels that cooperate with the running rail. Another element of the hardware that facilitates the use of the HST is the comfort gear. Due to this component, less force is required to reposition the handle. The SOFT CLOSE mechanism is an optional solution that can be used in the case of HST. The mechanism is designed to gently brake the sash and gently place it in the frame while closing. Thanks to this, it is possible to avoid possible damage to the frame due to too dynamic closing of the sash. We don’t have to put in a lot of effort to open or close the HST sash if we opt for electric motion assistance systems. We are talking about optional drives. How does it work? The HST drive consists of a mechanical door handle and a linear drive synchronized with the handle that slide and close the door. Synchronization is to protect against any attempt to move the locked door. Control is via remote control or application.

HST lift and slide door in Winchester colour.
Appropriate mechanisms supporting the work of active HST sashes make opening and closing easy.

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