Wind sensors allow you to control the position of roller shutters based on prevailing weather conditions.

Wind sensors

External guards operate in different atmospheric conditions. To protect them from high-speed winds, special instruments are used – wind sensors. Thanks to them, the

Czujniki słoneczne Somfy pozwalają na sterowanie położeniem żaluzji na podstawie natężenia światła słonecznego.

Solar sensors

Façade blinds are installed mainly to regulate the amount of light entering the room. Solar sensors are used to automatically change their position depending

Accessories for controlling external guards.


Blinds and blinds are used to manage the amount of light entering the room. The operation of modern external guards can be decided in

Siegenia motor - can be used using a dedicated application.

Siegenia Motor

Opening and closing active wings of lift and sliding doors does not have to involve much effort. Such structures can be equipped not only

Inteligentny dom.

Smart Home

In modern homes, there is no shortage of smart devices that adapt to the lifestyle of their users. The convenient control option also applies

Engines with emergency opening

Electric blinds are devices that are very popular among lovers of comfortable solutions. However, their use may be somewhat problematic if the power is

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