Winter anti-INFLATION promotion

An additional discount of 15% on PVC constructions and external covers and 30% on aluminum products. Promotion details below.


Up to 21% off MSline and MSline+ windows

White MSline , MSline + windows (AD and MD) and white PVC entrance doors have a 7% discount. The same veneered constructions are now offered at a discount of 2%. Prices can be reduced by an additional 15% by making a 100% prepayment.

Up to 17% discount on Wood Look and ALU LOOK windows

During the winter anti-inflation promotion, Wood Look and ALU LOOK windows are covered by a 2% discount. Prices can be reduced by an additional 15% by making a 100% prepayment.

Up to 21% discount on FORMA windows

During the anti-inflation promotion, white FORMA windows are covered by a 7% discount. There is a 3% discount when purchasing colored constructions. An additional 15% discount on the entire order is available to customers who prepay 100%.

Up to 33% discount on blinds

You can get even a 33% discount by buying blinds during the anti-inflation promotion. A 21% discount applies to the purchase of external and compact roller shutters. Prices can be lowered even further by paying for the entire order right away.

Up to 49% off Patio HST 76

As part of the anti-inflationary promotional campaign, the white Patio HST 76 lift and slide structures are subject to a 40% discount, and the veneered ones – 36%. However, you can buy them at an even lower price – with a discount of 49% and 46% . To do this, make a 100% prepayment to receive an additional 15% discount on the entire order.

Even 47% cheaper Patio HST 82

During the promotion, the white Patio HST 82 is covered by a discount of 38%. Color constructions can be purchased at a discount of 34%. In the case of 100% prepayment, the customer receives an additional 15% discount on the entire order.

A Wood Look window that resembles a traditional wooden window.

Up to 21% off single-sided HFL

Wood Look and ALU LOOK windows with one-sided HFL weld can be purchased at a price reduced by 7%. An additional 15% discount on the entire order is given to customers for 100% payment. The total amount of the discount applicable during the anti-inflation promotion is therefore even 21% .

Balcony mosquito net.

Even 25% cheaper mosquito nets

There is a 12% discount when buying mosquito nets . An additional 15% discount on the entire order can be obtained in the case of a 100% prepayment. The total reduction in the cost of mosquito nets during the current promotion will therefore be up to 25% .

Facade blinds.

Up to 28% discount on facade blinds

The anti-inflation promotion also covers mSun facade blinds . When purchasing the variant with lamellas C-80 has a discount of 12%. People who choose the option with Z-90 slats will get an even higher discount – 15%. An additional 15% discount on the entire order is granted for 100% prepayment.

Aluminium lift and slide door Patio HST 77.

30% discount on Patio HST 77

Aluminum lift and slide doors from the Patio HST 77 system can be purchased at a discount of 25%. The structures are available in two variants: STANDARD and MONO. A characteristic feature of the latter is the presence of permanent glazing in the frame.

SkyLine aluminum door

30% discount on SkyLine

As part of the anti-inflation promotion, Skyline sliding doors receive a 25% discount. In the case of these structures, the width of the post is only 25 mm, which allows for the creation of glass walls perfectly matching the current architectural trends.

Premium 86 aluminum door with AD15 panel.

Aluminum doors 30% cheaper

The anti-inflation promotion is also valid for the purchase of aluminum doors from the Premium 86 system . The discount applies not only to the version with glazing, but also to the option with a panel. These designs currently cost 25% less.

Premium 86 aluminium windows.

30% discount on Premium 86 windows

The group of products covered by the anti-inflation promotion also includes aluminum windows. A 25% discount is available to customers who decide to purchase Premium 86 and Premium 86 US windows. The discount also applies to facades and shop windows.

Control of window covers.

PLN 1 for roller blinds control

The anti-inflationary promotion is a great opportunity to create a smart home . As part of the promotion, the price of the Mobilus C-MR receiver for Nice or Simu Job Somfy roller shutter motors is only PLN 1 .

Mobilus Cosmo GTW smart home control panel.

Smart Home from PLN 369

The price of creating a smart home can be as low as PLN 369 . This cost of the Mobilus Cosmo GTW unit applies to the purchase of ten roller shutters with Mobilus Senso ERS drives . For the purchase of fifteen facade roller shutters / blinds with Mobilus Cosmo C-MR / C-ZR radio receivers, the price of the control panel is PLN 439.

All discounts are valid in Poland. Detailed information on the promotion is available in the Showrooms .

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