SliM window cross-section.
SliM windows logo.

Fly higher

on the wings of SliM windows. Open yourself to natural light!

More light
and full stability

These are the objectives that guided us,
when we created SliM windows.

SliM windows are built on the basis of the 73AD profile system of the German brand SALAMANDER, well known for its MSline windows. Thanks to the use of a low wing, special steel reinforcements and an extremely narrow movable post, windows were created that pass 22% more light.

Compare the SliM window with the MSline window.

We recommend gliding

SliM white window.
SliM window with a narrow movable mullion.

Unique solution

A very narrow movable post with a width of 116 mm with a “central” door handle,mounted exactly in the middle, mimics the antique wooden box windows known from old townhouses.


New model of aluminum angular Dublinhandle, available in several anodized, brushed and painted versions.

Dublin handle on the SliM window.
SliM windows matching historic buildings.


SliM windows are ideal for use in historic buildings. The view of the façade with SliM windows installed in no way reveals that PVC windows have been installed.


A wide range of decorative profiles to meet the requirements of historic preservation. The system hood, covering the drainage frame, will effectively hide the plastic origin of the window.

Drip cover in the SliM window.


One of the most important elements of the MS offer more than WINDOWS is the range of more than 40 PVC veneers, which allow you to give an individual character to your windows.

We have both the most popular traditional wood-like veneers, which perfectly fit into the classic construction e.g.: Golden Oak,Walnut, SwampOak, Winchester XA,as well as fashionable grays, black and aluminum-inspired films (e.g. Jet Black matt CC+, Alux DB, Metbrush Alu, Anthracite Satin).

New are three films from the Woodec series,which are distinguished by a distinct wood structure, to the illusion reminiscent of natural seduce. The Turner Oak design is decorated in subtle caramel colours, while Alpine is in a cooler tone that perfectly matches the Scandinavian style. Concrete film, on the other hand, impresses with the color of wood thrown out of the sea, which will perfectly match modern construction.





Cross-section of the SliM window in Stahblau veneer.
SliM balcony section.


for reference window

Uw = 0.90 W/m²K with Thermobar frame

Lt = 74%

for glass Ug = 0.6 W/m²K
with a new, brighter thermal coating

G = 53%

for glass Ug = 0.6 W/m²K
with a new, brighter thermal coating

Withstands a pressure of 800 Pa caused by a wind speed of 130 km/h.

It does not pass water in heavy rain with a wind speed of 97 km/h.

Rw = 35 dB to 46 dB
depending on the acoustic glass

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