Types of patio doors – which one to choose for your home?

HST or PSK? Or maybe a classic door? Investors who plan to buy new patio doors for their home have certainly faced the dilemma of which system to choose. But what do these mysterious abbreviations mean? What technology is behind them? We will try to explain this in this article.

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HST system

HST is a professional system of the highest class, offering customers the possibility of constructing really large glazing, which unfortunately translates into a higher price than alternative solutions. However, high quality and a multitude of expansion options make it very popular, and customers decide to install it, being aware that the product is worth the costs incurred.

HST abbreviation comes from the German term Hebeschiebe Tür , which simply means lift and slide doors . The HST system includes a fixed and movable sash. Pressing the handle makes the movable sash gently lifts and can then be moved so that it overlaps the fixed sash. They can be stopped and blocked at any time by closing the handle.

A unique novelty in the MS more than WINDOWS offer is Patio HST in scheme D with two movable sashes!

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HST door functionality

First of all, HST doors offer functionality incomparable to other alternatives. The way they are opened, even in the case of the largest sash, does not limit the usable space in the room even in the slightest. In addition, opening even a large and heavy HST leaf is not a problem, and there is an option to install a special drive, allowing for remote operation of the door.

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The HST door installation method is also specific, as it enables the implementation of a low, almost invisible threshold. This significantly reduces the risk of tripping when going out to the terrace and can be especially appreciated by disabled people, seniors or parents of young children.

HST patio doors are also characterized by excellent thermal insulation parameters, and thus – they are perfect for energy-saving houses.

Advantages of the HST system

  • It has great thermal insulation parameters – it is suitable for energy-saving houses.
  • It fits in with the latest architectural trends, offering the possibility of creating fashionable and really large glazing, including corner glazing.
  • It has a low threshold increasing the comfort of use.
  • Ease and convenience of use – opening even the largest sash is effortless.
  • It is possible to install an additional drive allowing for remote operation of the door.

HST doors in the MS offer more than WINDOWS

MS beyond WINDOW offers several types of HST patio doors to choose from. We invite you to familiarize yourself with their features on the product pages:

Patio HST patio door with a mosquito net

PSK system

A very popular and alternative solution to HST in single-family houses is the PSK system. It differs from the more expensive HST mainly in the way it is opened and operated.

Like HST, the PSK abbreviation comes from German and stands for Parallel-Schiebe-Kipp-Tür , meaning tilt and slide doors . Here, too, we are dealing with a fixed leaf and a movable leaf. When opening the door in the PSK system, the movable leaf first tilts and then moves away, and finally it begins to slide along the guide at the bottom of the frame, overlapping the fixed leaf. When closed, the PSK wings form a straight line.

The functionality of the PSK door

As in the HST system, PSK doors are sliding, and thus – they do not limit the usable space of the room. Tilting is done in a similar way as in traditional windows. Their handling, however, is a bit heavier than the HST. It does not mean that it can cause any problem.

Due to the way the guide is mounted, it is unfortunately not possible to use such a low threshold as in the HST system.

Advantages of the PSK system

  • Price lower than HST.
  • The possibility of tilting the movable sash.
  • They do not limit the usable space.
  • With the use of appropriate profiles for frames, sashes, posts and reinforcements, it is possible to create structures with large dimensions and weight.

PSK doors in the MS offer more than WINDOWS

The MS more than WINDOWS offer also includes several types of PSK tilt and slide doors:

Classic inward opening patio doors

Classic terrace doors

Sliding doors are perfect for single-family houses or apartments with a large area. However, they require appropriate conditions for installation. But what if we do not have enough space to insert them? Then we have the option to purchase and install classic patio doors.

Classic patio doors resemble large, high windows installed just above the floor and allowing access to the terrace or garden. However, they cannot be overridden. In contrast to sliding systems, unfortunately, they limit to some extent the usable space of a room or terrace, because they require space to open. Fortunately, they can be mounted so that they tilt either inwards or outwards, as far as possible and necessary.

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Unfortunately, classic doors do not offer the option of building such large glazing as, for example, in the HST system. However, thanks to the double-leaf structure with a movable post, they can provide a wide passage to a balcony or terrace. In addition, they can be made with a low aluminum threshold, minimizing the risk of tripping.

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