Patio FS wooden folding door

The Patio FS wooden folding door is a perfect solution for people who value space and the ability to move freely. The use of Siegenia fittings guarantees comfortable operation of terrace structures that open inwards.

Wooden Patio FS – properties

In the wooden folding doors from the MS Window and Door offer there are siegenia PORTAL FS PLUS. It is a solution designed for folding and moving structures, which allows you to easily connect up to seven wings together. The weight of each of them may be not more than 80 kg. This allows you to create a 6.3 m wide transition. The undoubted advantage of this solution is the freedom of interior design. Additional advantages include a flexible chuting process, as well as the comfort of using folding doors.

The most important properties of wooden structures Patio FS:

  • large space – when the wings are opened, the width of the passage is not limited;
  • comfortable use thanks to ball bearing trolleys that allow smooth movement of the wing;
  • trouble-free operation of folding doors resulting from the use of reinforced hinges (optionally with an E-look surface distinguished by very good corrosion resistance);
  • the possibility of using reassuring-tilting wings;
  • low threshold (optional) available;
  • accessories tailored to other products – the colors of handles and casings as in windows.

Patio FS – product lines

Wooden folding doors opening inwards are one of the products from the MS Windows and Doors offer. In addition to its unique functionality, it is also distinguished by the availability of various aesthetic variants. Thanks to this, the structure can blend perfectly with the body of the building and meet the requirements for the appearance of the interior. The range includes the following product lines: Modern, Old, Art, Soft and Classic. They provide a variety of designs in terms of the appearance of the glass rim, glazing strip, as well as external profiling of the frame and wings.

Variants of wooden folding doors opening inwards.

Patio FS wings and door frame – thick

In addition to the availability of five product lines, wooden folding doors may also differ in the thickness of the profiles used. Patio FS comes in three variants – 68, 80 and 92 mm. Below is an example of a section of a folding and sliding structure (92 mm profile, Modern line).

A cross-section of folding doors from the Modern line.

Wooden folding doors – diagrams

Portal FS PLUS eye system gives you the opportunity to create numerous variants of wooden folding doors. The graphic below shows the available opening schemes.

Folding doors made of wood - options.

Wood grades and surface finish

The diversity of profile shapes gives you the opportunity to obtain structures of a diverse character. In addition, the aesthetic qualities of wooden folding doors are also influenced by the applied wood grade and color. Each of the types of raw material is distinguished by different properties – not only in terms of appearance, but also in terms of parameters.

Patio FS – equipment and types of thresholds

The inward opening Patio FS folding door includes Siegenia PORTAL FS PLUS fittings. Their use allows for many functions (including tilt and turn), which are present in fittings standard windows.

Due to the way you open Patio FS, there are three types of construction:

  • the guidance of the wings is located on the upper frame of the door frame,
  • the guidance of the wings is located on the lower frame of the door frame,
  • solution with aluminum threshold (threshold equipped with a thermal spacer that prevents condensation).

The following graphic shows the options listed.

Patio FS - types of structures.

Trolleys for easy use

Large carriages with ball bearings made of special plastic guarantee comfortable use of the structure. Thanks to them, the wings move smoothly, and therefore – their folding does not require much effort.

Trolleys for wooden folding doors.

Hinges for quiet operation

Hinges used in wooden folding doors are adapted to the functioning of the outside. They are resistant to weather ingress. Properly selected materials ensure trouble-free service.

Hinges for folding doors.

Standard Patio FS equipment

Creating a high-quality design requires not only the use of durable profiles, but also solid accessories. Each of the components used affects the appearance and comfort of the use of wood folding doors. In all MS Windows and Doors products there are equipment elements that match the selected type and color variant of the raw material. Standard Patio FS equipment includes:

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