ThermalDoor MS slab door

ThermalDoor MS is a wooden panel door filled with solid, warm panels produced by MS Okna i Drzwi. The design of the structure perfectly harmonizes with modern minimalism, but it can easily be integrated into the architecture of a classic character. A wide range of colors and three thicknesses of profiles make it possible to create a product that meets customer expectations.

Characteristics of ThermalDoor MS plate doors

ThermalDoor MS panel doors are actually ED wooden entrance doors . They have the same properties as the Entrance Doors, but their leaf is “full”, made of a board. The door leaf component is manufactured at the factory.

ThermalDoor MS door models

Below are visualizations of selected ThermalDoor MS models. As in the case of ED doors, the panel structures can have a double-leaf solution or combinations with upper and side transoms. It is also possible to make a door according to the customer’s design.

The photos below show selected models in various colors.

ThermalDoor MS door variants

The graphics below show the different design variants of ThermalDoor MS.

Plate doors open to the outside or inside the room

ThermalDoor MS opening inwards, Modern profile, thickness 92 mm, Weser threshold, LFO double-sided glazing bead.

ThermalDoor MS, opening outwards, Modern profile, 80 mm thick, Weser threshold, one-sided glazing bead.

Full panel doors or with a glass insert

ThermalDoor MS full, without glazing, inward opening, 92 mm thick, Weser threshold.

Slab door with a glazing insert and LFO double-sided glazing bead, opening inwards, Modern profile, 92 mm thick, Weser threshold.

ThermalDoor MS with a glass insert and a one-sided glazing bead, opening inwards, Modern profile, 80 mm thick, Weser threshold.

Thermal Door MS – product lines

In the case of both variants of glazing beads – one-sided and two-sided pipe – there are five product lines available. These variants are: Art, Old, Soft, Classic and also Modern.

Both-sided pipe trim LFO

One-sided slat

Division of ThermalDoor MS doors due to the thickness of the profiles

ThermalDoor MS panel doors are available in the following thicknesses: 68, 80 and 92 mm. Each of these options is available in the five types of product lines shown above. The graphics below show some examples of Modern line construction solutions that open inwards (with a Weser threshold) and outwards (with an ATD threshold).

With a double-sided LFO strip (92 mm thick)

With a one-sided lath (thickness 80 mm)

Without slats, solid (thickness 80 mm)

Functions and shapes of ThermalDoor MS slab doors

Standard slab doors are rectangular in shape. However, it is possible to complete an order for structures and illuminate them in other form, e.g. arc.

Movable post options in ThermalDoor MS

In double-leaf constructions, a solution known as a movable mullion is used. Thanks to it, the light of the passage is in no way limited when the door is opened. In ThermalDoor MS, as in the ED or FD doors, two types of the movable mullion are available:

  • standard variant , which uses one handle on the active sash,
  • option with two handles – one on the active leaf and the other on the passive leaf.

Colors and types of wood at ThermalDoor MS

In the case of plate doors from the MS Windows and Doors offer, the same palette of types and colors of wood is valid as for other products. This allows the aesthetics of the structure to be fully adapted to the remaining elements of the woodwork.

Equipment for plate doors

As standard, ThermalDoor MS is equipped with the FD patio door and the ED entrance door. The use of high-quality components guarantees that the structure is adapted to the appearance of the facade, as well as the style of the interior. Standard elements responsible for the operation of plate doors include, among others fittings for wooden doors , silicone , door plates and seals for wooden doors .

The offer of MS Windows and Doors also includes a number of additional accessories that allow the product to be tailored to the customer’s needs to a greater extent. These include, for example, handles in the same color as window handles and made of stainless steel, anti-burglary handles and signs, door handles, door closers, and visors.

Sill options in plate doors

MS Windows and Doors offer several options of thresholds that can be used in slab doors. This allows the customer to choose the option that suits his needs. The graphics below show examples of threshold solutions in ThermalDoor MS constructions from the Modern product line with a thickness of 92 mm.

Inward opening door

Structures with a one-sided glazing bead – the Gutmann Weser aluminum threshold (32 mm), the low GG Combi threshold (20 mm) and the BKV aluminum threshold (20 mm).

Structures with a double-sided LFO pipe rail – the Gutmann Weser aluminum threshold (32 mm), the low GG Combi threshold (20 mm) and the low aluminum BKV threshold (20 mm).

Outward opening door

Structures with a one-sided glazing bead – Aluron ATD (32 mm) aluminum threshold and a low BKV aluminum threshold (20 mm).

Structures with a two-sided LFO pipe trim – Aluron ATD (32 mm) aluminum threshold and a low BKV aluminum threshold (20 mm).

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