Wooden and wood-aluminum Patio FS open to the outside

Large-size carpentry is not only solid, but also original solutions. Such structures allow for more space and allow a large amount of natural light into the room. Among the products of this type, offered by MS Okna i Drzwi, there are Patio FS folding doors with Brio fittings. Unlike standard accordions, they open outwards.

Outward opening patio FS – features

Folding doors opening outwards are perfect as an element of modern buildings equipment. They can be used as exit doors to the terrace or garden. The availability of 22 diagrams, which can span up to 8 m and be built with as many as 8 sashes, makes this solution meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers.

The most important features of the system:

  • the opening of the sashes does not limit the width of the passage,
  • the wings open outwards, so they do not take up any space in the room,
  • maximum permissible leaf weight: 100 kg,
  • the possibility of making a structure with a maximum width of 8 m,
  • 22 opening patterns available (in fact about 40, because most of them can open to the right or left),
  • the possibility of selecting fittings and handles similar in color to other windows and doors,
  • high construction safety,
  • availability of multiple threshold solutions.

Patio FS opening outwards – variants

FS folding doors with Brio fittings are available in the following variants:

  • wooden (the graphics below show the Modern profile with a leaf thickness of 68 mm),
  • wooden with aluminum cladding (the graphics below show the Modern profile with a leaf thickness of 68 mm, with Classic cladding).

Outward opening patio FS – product lines

Wooden door FS

Wooden folding doors, which are offered by MS Windows and Doors, are available in several product lines: Soft, Classic, Modern, Art and also Old. Such a wide range, thanks to the seemingly subtle differences in the shape of glazing beads and sash rails, allows you to adjust the appearance of the woodwork to any type of interior.

Variants of the glazing rebate and glazing beads for wooden lift and slide doors.

Wood and aluminum doors FS

Wooden FS doors with aluminum claddings are offered by MS Okna i Drzwi in three product lines. The available variants are Modern, Art and Classic. In this case, the difference is the available variant of the glazing rebate, i.e. the appearance of the sash stile in contact with the glazing insert. The variety of these options means that the aesthetics of the door will easily match the building, as well as the interior style of your dreams.

Sash glazing rim variants.

Cladding for wooden-aluminum Patio FS

In the wooden-aluminum structures of Patio FS that open to the outside, aluminum cladding of renowned brands – Aluron and Gutmann , are used. However, it is possible to use only Aluron Classic or Gutmann Mira R5 solutions. The available color palette of the cladding includes, among others RAL shades, metallic and wood-like decors.

Wooden FS Brio – leaf thickness

The frames and leaves of the FS Brio door are available in the following variants of the thickness of the rails.

FS Brio opening diagrams

Among the greatest advantages of FS Brio folding doors is a wide range of opening patterns. Therefore, the product can be used in virtually any type of interior. The individual variants differ from each other both in the number and location of openable and permanent sections.

remark! When placing an order for Patio FS with Brio fittings, please take into account the view of the structure. Orders are accepted in the FROM OUTSIDE view. The graphic below shows the most popular options (shown from the outside).

Colors and wood species for FS Brio doors

Folding doors FS Brio from the range of MS Windows and Doors can be made in many variants. The diversity of wood species and colors allows for joinery with various aesthetic and physical features. A wide range of available color options allows you to create a structure perfectly integrated into the character of a given property, as well as corresponding to the preferences of users.

Wooden FS Brio – threshold solutions

Another element that distinguishes folding doors opening outwards from the offer of MS Okna i Drzwi are threshold solutions. The availability of several options allows you to adjust the functioning of the structure to the customer’s needs.

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