Wooden-aluminium windows and balconies

Wooden-aluminum windows are the most exclusive woodwork on the market. This combination of components takes advantage of the advantages of both materials used. The highest quality fittings, a variety of aluminum and wooden profiles, as well as a wide range of types of wood and cladding colors, enable the fulfillment of customers’ expectations.

Features of wooden-aluminium windows and balconies

Woodwork is a system at the highest technical level. The combination of the two materials saves energy and also ensures safety. From the outside, the aluminium coating provides protection against weather conditions. From the inside, warm, live wood guarantees protection against heat loss. Today’s wooden windows are not only characterized by very good technical parameters, but also have exceptional durability. The use of this material helps to create a pleasant, homely atmosphere. Aluminium, on the other hand, is maintenance-free, i.e. maintenance-free. In addition, it is distinguished by stability and lightness. Woodwork is an excellent solution for wood lovers who want to avoid the necessary maintenance.

Wood-aluminium joinery variants

Windows and balcony doors wooden-aluminum from the offer MS Windows and Doors are available in three product lines – Modern, Classic and Art. The features of each variant are illustrated by the following graphics.

A cross-section of a wooden-aluminum window from the Modern line.
A cross-section of a wooden-aluminum window from the Classic line.
A cross-section of a wood-aluminum window from the Art line.

The difference between the available options is the appearance of the glass felcu. The extensive range allows you to get a design that matches the appearance of both the façade of the building and the preferred style of interior design.

Variants of the sash glazing rebate.

Thicknesses of door frame and wings

For wooden-aluminium windows and balcony doors, two wing thicknesses are available, as well as door frames – 68 and 80 mm. Both variants are available in each of the product lines presented above. In the graphic below there is a cross-section of joinery from the Modern line. The profile shown is 80 mm thick.

A cross-section of a wooden-aluminum window from the Modern line, profile with a thickness of 80 mm.

Types of aluminium cladding and wooden profiles

Modern woodwork systems with aluminium cladding are a solution that perfectly adapts to the trends of modern architecture. These products are characterized primarily by original design, exceptional durability, as well as increased resistance to adverse weather conditions.

An extensive range of aluminium profiles allows you to adapt the style of windows and doors to any project, from modern, cubist forms to industrial buildings. The use of cladding of renowned companies – Aluron and Gutmann – makes the offer of MS Windows and Doors allows you to create a product adapted to any type of room. It is worth emphasating that the design will meet not only aesthetic expectations, but also strict technical requirements.

The profile with aluminum cap comes in two options, which allows you to meet the aesthetic preferences of all customers. Ms Window and Door range includes a full range of standard options with frame seal. The most popular profiles are also available without an additional seal. The pictures below show an 80 mm profile with classic cladding in two variants – with and without gasket.

Thanks to the variety of aluminium linings and two profile thicknesses, it is possible to install glazing inserts with a thickness of up to 60 mm. This allows for much better thermal parameters of the structure.

Profile thicknessCladdingMax.. cartridge thickness
68 mmIntegral, Quadrat FB (Aluron)
Contour FB, Contour Integral FB (Gutmann)
58 mm
68 mmOther cladding44 mm
80 mmIntegral, Quadrat FB (Aluron)
Contour FB, Contour Integral FB (Gutmann)
70 mm
80 mmOther cladding56 mm

The pictures below show an 80 mm thick profile – quadrat cladding with 52 mm glass and Quadrat FB with 60 mm glass.

Wooden-aluminium joinery – shapes and functions

Standard wooden-aluminium windows and balcony doors from the MS range Windows and Doors are rectangular in shape. The following types of structures are available: tilting, reassuring, swing-to-tilt, fixed glazing in the wing, fixed glazing in the frame and rotating. In addition, there is an option to fulfill orders for carpenving in other forms,e.g. circle, trapezoid, ellipse, triangle or arc. These windows can be made as rotating, tilting, open or solid glazing – this depends on the technological capabilities of a particular type of structure.

Colors of wood and cladding

In the MS range windows and doors there are numerous species as well as wood colors. Each of the offered types of raw material has different characteristics – parameters and appearance. Combined with virtually unlimited possibilities of painting aluminum linings, this allows you to create a joinery fully corresponding to the customer’s preferences.

Standard equipment for wooden and aluminium windows

The standard equipment of wooden and aluminum structures determines not only the functionality of the joinery, but also its appearance. Since windows of this type are among the goods described as luxury, each element used in the production process must be made with the utmost care. In addition, it should have very good technical characteristics. Each design from the MS Window and Door range is equipped with high-quality components, appropriately selected according to the type of wood, as well as the chosen color variant. As standard, the wooden-aluminium windows are equipped with:

Siegenia TITAN AF – comfortable equipment

The quality of the installed window equipment largely affects the length of time the joinery functions properly. In addition, the components used determine the convenience of using wooden structures. Their impact on the safety of indoor guests remains important. The correct design of the components of the eyedimer guarantees greater protection against burglary. It should also not be forgotten that these components affect the amount of energy needed to heat the interior and, consequently, the amount of costs incurred. The wooden-aluminium joinery produced by MS Windows and Doors is equipped with Siegenia TITAN AF. They provide comfort during the use of the structure and safety. In order to increase the degree of protection of the house from the intrusion of an unwanted person, it is worth opting for one of the optional security packages (RC1 or RC2).

Siegenia Titan AF fittings used in wooden and wooden-aluminum windows.

Wooden-aluminium balconies – variants of thresholds

Wooden and aluminium balcony doors are available in two options. In addition to the traditional solution (with wooden frame), balcony wings are also available in the variant with an aluminum threshold. This type of construction will work perfectly as an exit to the terrace from the house. In order to increase the convenience of using joinery, it is worth opting for a warm threshold. The following graphics show examples of threshold options (Modern line, 92 mm profile thickness). Visible variants include: standard wooden frame, standard Gutman Weser aluminium threshold (32 mm), as well as low aluminium threshold BKV (20 mm).

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