Slim (Denkmalschutz) windows

Replacing the woodwork in historic tenement houses and manors sometimes causes many problems, because its appearance must be adapted to the existing windows and approved by the conservator of monuments. In this case, the ideal solution is the Slim profile (Denkmalschutz) available in the MS Windows and Doors offer.

Available Slim profile thicknesses

Slim profile (Denkmalschutz) is available in three thicknesses:

Slim (Denkmalschutz) windows characteristics

The joinery, constructed using the Slim (Denkmalschutz) profile, compared to standard windows, is characterized by thinner frame and sash profiles. As a result, it allows more natural light to enter the room.

Comparison of standard windows with Slim (Denkmalschutz) windows.
Comparison of standard joinery with Slim windows.

Slim (Denkmalschutz) profile has a wooden drip cap, attached to the sash from the outside of the construction. This component is a mandatory element of antique windows. Thanks to it, only wood is visible on the facade.

Wooden drip cap used in Slim windows.

Other features of Slim (Denkmalschutz) profile:

  • possibility of finishing in any covering colour from the RAL and NCS palette or with transparent varnish from the templates available in the offer of MS Windows and Doors;
  • as standard, it has two seals for wooden windows – notch and edge;
  • the possibility of mounting a hidden trickle vent regulating the circulation of air, which can not be seen from the outside of the joinery;
  • the wood used in the manufacture of joinery comes from proven and controlled sources that are FSC certified;
  • available in the following product lines: Classic and Art.

The individual product lines differ from each other by external profiling of the frame and sash, the glazing rim, as well as the glazing bead. The variety of assortment undoubtedly makes it easier to adapt the joinery to the architectural style of the building and the customer’s preferences regarding the interior design.

Comparison of product lines available in the MS Windows and Doors offer.

Orders for antique windows

Many years of experience in the production of wooden windows by MS Windows and Doors includes, among others, mapping various types of decorative elements, which are a frequent addition to antique windows. These types of components include heads and transoms. Each order is treated individually. The order fulfillment process includes the preparation of the necessary technical documentation for the building conservator. It includes the presentation of the view of the joinery, the preparation of all sections, as well as the drawing of details of decorative elements.

Windows and balcony doors – shapes and functions

In addition to standard rectangular windows and balcony doors (turn, tilt and turn, tilt, pivot, fixed frame, fixed sash), the joinery from the MS Windows and Doors offer may also have other shapes. Available options include arcs, circles, ellipses, trapezoids, triangles, and irregular shapes. Depending on the technological possibilities, structures can be made as fixed glazings or windows that are turn, tilt or pivot.

Slim (Denkmalschutz) windows colours

Windows and balcony doors built on the basis of Slim profile are available in various variants, depending on the selected type and the colour of the wood. The offered types of raw material differ from each other in terms of appearance and properties. Rich colour palettes allow to fulfill order for joinery completely adapted to the preferences of its future users.

Standard Slim windows equipment

Standard Slim (Denkmalschutz) windows equipment include:

All these components, except for technological functions, also affect the appearance of the joinery. Wooden windows belong to high-end products, dedicated to the most demanding customers. Due to this, they must be distinguished not only by very good technical parameters, but also by a carefully refined appearance. High-quality elements of the equipment of constructions from the MS Windows and Doors offer are visually matched to the colour of the joinery and the type of wood.

Hardware – safety, functionality, comfort

Hardware for wooden windows has a great influence on whether a window opens easily and slightly. Its quality, in turn, determines the time of comfortable use of the joinery. The impact of window constructions on the protection of the interior from burglary also depends on the hardware used. These elements also affect our heating expenses. Siegenia TITAN AF hardware is the latest solution available in MS Windows and Doors products. They provide the functionality of the joinery, the comfort of its use, as well as have an anti-burglary function. For greater protection of the room against potential intrusion, it is worth choosing one of the available security packages – RC1 or RC2.

Siegenia Titan AF hardware for Slim windows.

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